Zed Digital presented the study “Mobiles and Advertising: Perception, Uses and Trends”

“Mobiles and Advertising: Perception, Uses and Trends”. Under this title, the new study on advertising and mobiles developed by Zed Digital was presented on the 12th.This is the first study carried out in Spain to know the situation of the sector, its users and also to be able to respond to the concerns and doubts of advertisers. For this, the work and mobile phone numbers brisbane advice of the research department of the Zenith Optimedia group have been counted on to provide a great methodological depth to this study, carrying out a qualitative phase and, subsequently, a quantitative phase with more than 4000 interviews.Some of the most relevant conclusions of this study reveal that: More than nine out of ten mobile phone users would give their permission to receive advertising on their mobile phone if they obtained discounts on their phone bill (93.7%) or loyalty points from their operator (90.6).85% of young people would accept it if the advertising was fun, entertaining or creative.The greater the seniority in the use of mobile telephony or the greater the consumption, the greater the predisposition to accept advertising mailings.As far as advertising formats are concerned:


The most valued format is video Australia Phone Number List , with 7.27% out of 10. Young people and men in general have been those who have shown the greatest interest. In second place are sponsored messages (6.58%), image MMS (6.50%), audio MMS (6.43%), SMS (5.48%) and mobile alerts (5.42%).The format that more people would be willing to receive occasionally is SMS, which is also the most valued by women.Regarding clarity, the leading advertising format is SMS, followed by video MMS (22.6%) and image MMS (18.5%).The most convenient to send advertising according to users is the video MMS with 32.5%, then the image MMS in 25.8% of the cases.The least aggressive or intrusive is SMS according to 53.7% of those consulted However, the format they would most like to receive is video MMS (40.8%) followed by sponsored videos (22.0%).Download study

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