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When a brand is launched or wants to take a serious step forward in the development of its online store, it must consider very seriously: Allocate human and financial resources. The digital world is not the “panacea” where I set up a website and already earn money. It requires time and investment. You will have to do Yes or Yes paid campaigns to impact the target and generate qualified traffic. For all this, consider seeking the outsourcing of professional services that help you achieve the objectives set in your digital strategy.As is evident, the company cannot know everything nor can it be specialists in everything, that is why we exist companies such as WindUp, which we become at specific moments in the digital marketing department to contribute high value for a defined time.The critical areas of impact to be able to outsource for your digital what is a chinese phone number strategy for the retail sector would beWe are aware that there are many areas of impact that a retail ecommerce has to work on and optimize. That is why, as a brand, we must know how to prioritize in those areas that help us improve the total ROI of marketing.In this post we are going to give you 5 reasons, based on our real experience with clients, why from Windup we can help you take that step forward, professionalizing the digital marketing services that will give your online business the greatest added value.The Digital Marketing strategy, that great forgotten!A very common mistake that many companies make when they launch or have been with the online store for some years is to lack a clear and well-defined strategy.We still associate the word strategy with a complex factor suitable only for larger companies.Or, failing that, to an extensive document written by a consultant at a high price, but that ultimately will not contribute anything tangible to the brand.Big mistake, dear reader!


The digital strategy is adapted to each business model, economic and human resources and the action plan that the online retail platform has planned.Therefore it can be from a 2-page document in word format or a file of more than 100 pages.The key is not in quantity but in quality and focusTherefore, it is necessary to adapt and align business resources, with real and profitable objectives, with the brand’s action plan for the digital part.And this is achieved with clients and years of experience, there is no more magic formula. Working the brand from within, touching all areas, measuring and correcting. Testing and re-measuring.In our specific case, designing profitable digital China Phone Number List strategies for the retail sector for a wide variety ofThe word ROI or Return on Investement is very fashionable. It is a word “cool” that is used a lot but in practice it is applied very little.You who have an ecommerce, answer the following questions honestly:-Have you calculated the ROI of each digital campaign you launch?- Which of your traffic sources generates a greater return on sales? And on profit?- What ROI marketing goal do you have set for this current year?What percentage of ROI growth would be optimal to achieve for your brand to earn real money and you could invest again?This is the professional approach that Windup will give to your digital marketing.A simple way is to set up a data table either in excel or in any other program, to be able to calculate the business figures, see the sales and cost forecast and estimate the ROI by campaign or strategy. We leave you an example with non-real data.Detailed ROI example retail sectorAnother example for a more specific campaign, in this case a scorecard of a Google Adwords campaign for a client, with the ROI of sales included:

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ROI ADWORDS ecommerce retailThe client has to know how much he is going to earn and what profitability he is going to obtain. Or put another way at each moment for each euro invested how much you are getting. In this case, for every euro you are getting 11.24.Digital marketing specialists for retail ecommerceAnd the main thing is that the entire WindUp team is specialized in advanced digital marketing services for ecommerce or online stores.Because it is important? because it is a type of web that has its peculiarities and what differs from other platforms and business models.Here are just a few examples of our client portfolio with an ecommerce platform:At Windup we work these 5 tools in an advanced way to make your online retail store sell more each month and be more profitable.1. SEO for ecommerceIt is essential to know how to work SEO for Ecommerce, and our SEO team recommends that we must work at least 3 fundamental levels:1.1 SEO ON PAGE.If we do not work on the technical SEO of the site and we do not optimize it, we will be building our business model on a fragile foundation.The online store is the basis of the strategy and the center is the people. Digital marketing seeks to attract qualified traffic that turns into customers. If the web is not well built, we cannot expect great results.You have to use professional methodology and professional tools such as Semrush, Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, Sistrix….Here we leave you the web optimization of one of our clients that can serve as a starting point:Onpage SEO audit for an online storeWEB ARCHITECTUREMention and separate work deserves the web architecture in an online store, since it is an aspect that acquires an even greater dimension.You have to work on the architecture, from the home, to the categories, subcategories, product sheets and the entire purchase process. Url to Url, ranking.

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The objective is that the purchase is made with the least possible number of clicks but that the architecture also helps SEO with friendly and well-constructed URLs, facilitating the search for information and navigability.1.2 KEYWORDS OR CONTENT MARKETING.Users use the internet to search for content, be it written, image, video, podcast … and here SEO acquires another dimension.Online stores have to work in two dimensions, for the user and for Google or the SERP’s. (If we are international, we must take into account Yandex, Baidú, Ecosia, Yahoo, Bing .Why? Because it is a fundamental and well-worked traffic source, it allows us to qualify that unknown visitor who lands on the portal for the first time.If we work on the keywords that our clients are really looking for, we provide them with valuable content and we associate them in a coherent way and according to a strategy to each url of the site, we will be able to improve step by step.We give you an example of a Windup client so that you can see how the content marketing work carried out in the increase of keywords associated with the domain begins to have results.Keyword evolution for a retail online storeAnd how the methodology of working with keywords directly impacts organic traffic on the web:Organic traffic ecommerce retail platform1.3 WPThe last area of ​​SEO to work on is everything that has to do with the loading speed of the web, the response to the server, the cache … or the Web Performance Optimization.At this point it is a very relevant factor for the user experience and for organic positioning and it must be worked on in depth for both desktop and mobile.We give you a real example of a client who is working on this part. There is still much to do but the entire load and speed part is being optimized. For not always giving perfect examples.

In this case we have carried out the test with the Pingdom Tools tool.WPO example for online store2. SEM Campaigns TO SELL MOREThe digital world requires investing in paid campaigns in order to segment our potential target and generate qualified traffic that converts.They are actions called “push”, that is, I invest and get paid traffic per click.In this sense, our experience allows us to confirm, for example, that there is no well-designed and worked Google Adwords campaign for an ecommerce in the retail sector that does not end up generating sales. Verified!We leave you an example of professional management of a client’s Adwords account, so that you can value the real and tangible evolution of the results:ROI campaign Adwords online store In the lower box of the graph you can see how the ROI per campaign rises exponentially. Key factor, because it is not worth just improving the CTR or the conversion rate if we do not obtain a positive ROI.3. SOCIAL ADS THAT GENERATES QUALIFIED VISITS AND CONVERSION
Social Ads campaigns have a different approach, because relevant data from sales or final transactions is not always obtained, but they are a very important tool for generating high and qualified traffic to the site or landingAs always depending on the type of product and brand, the type of client or follower, we will obtain some results or others.Today almost all brands with ecommerce platforms use Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads for their campaigns. Leaving Linkedin Ads for very specific sectors such as training or large brands. And Twitter Ads that in our experience does not end up giving good sales results.The important thing is to be very clear about the objectives, work very well on targeting audiences, use geolocation, launch A / B testing, test with different sets of ads and no less than 8-10 different ads per campaign and optimize. There is no magic bullet in this regard.

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4. LANDING DIRECT SALES PAGESOne of our favorite tools for working with landing pages is Unbounce .The landing are the final piece of any campaign, the place where the user lands and has to make the final conversion. That is why not everything goes.They are framed within the strategy and must fulfill the mission for which they have been designed. Selling a training course is not the same as generating a qualified lead. And it is not the same to sell a model of glasses than to sell an electric scooter.We give you an example of a client where a very qualified and specific target is working. That sells high value-added services, with a complex and long purchasing process but with high profitability.The data gave good results in the first month of the life of the campaign with a conversion rate of 10%.Example Landing Page_Windup to convert onlineYou have to take care of the design but the fundamental thing is to find a balance between design, usability and conversion.5. ADVANCED DIGITAL ANALYTICSThis part is fundamental, and I am going to capitalize it because I would say 9 out of 10 companies do not do it well.YOU CANNOT DO DIGITAL MARKETING WITHOUT WEB ANALYTICS.Data is everything, because the digital world is data that comes and goes.We must have installed at least in our online platform of the retail sector Google Analytics, Analytics for ecommerce, Tag Manager and some tool such as Yandex or Hotjar.


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