Younger people also recognize the value of personal face-to-face interactions

Businesses should not worry about the younger generation, almost born digital, rejecting face-to-face contacts. According to a new study by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), 61% of members of the millennial how do i call a mobile in thailand between 18 and 27 years of age think that annual exhibitions and exhibitions, conventions and meetings are more valuable today than they were two years ago. This is the highest percentage given within any of the generations participating in the study, followed by the elderly of the Millennial generation and the youth of generation X (from 28 to 39 years old, 53%).Millennials are less convinced about the growing value of face-to-face interactions when it comes to sales, but are still more convinced again than their elders. 38% of participants ages 18-27 said these interactions were more valuable now than they were two years ago, compared to 35% of older millennials as well as those of Gen X (40-49), 31% of baby boomers (50 to 64) and 30% of the so-called “traditionalist” generation (over 65).


The study has found that a similar pattern applies to the anticipated assessment that these interactions will have in the next two years. For example, 55% of the youngest age group believe so, compared to just 40% of boomers and traditionalists. And a third of those anticipate a greater importance of face-to-face in sales, compared to 23% of traditionalists.As these results suggest, Thailand Phone Number List interactions are not having a negative effect on face-to-face activities. Instead, the study suggests in its results, that the younger the participants, the more willing they are to say that online interactions lead to greater participation in face-to-face activities.

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