Younger consumers are confident of having a good brand experience

Younger consumers want to enjoy experience and product simultaneously. A survey by New York-based analytics company Analytic Partners suggests that about half of consumers ages 18-44 build brand loyalty on experience with that particular brand. Which may mean they turn that loyalty into their contributions as third-party experts, in blogs and articles on social media and elsewhere.The study, which has a base of 1000 interviews, suggests that 66% of consumers shop on massive e-commerce portals such as Amazon and but although these portals are optimized for price comparisons, and therefore oriented to attract consumers attracted by the possibility of finding a good deal, this does not mean that consumer loyalty disappears. About 63% of those interviewed recognize that they are still influenced by key elements such as positive “noise”. 75% of the responses recognized that buy mobile phone online thailand comments and recommendations play a relevant role in the purchases they make.


Among those Thailand Phone Number List in the study, 68% of consumers stated that they were more loyal to brands than men. 55% of men said they considered themselves loyal to the brands.Nancy Smith, founder and CEO of Analytic Partners comments that the days when brands were sold simply by name are no more. “In fact,” he continues, “the way brands spend their resources to interact with their consumers can have a real impact on profitability.”The results of the survey indicate that, in the US, there are important regional differences in terms of fidelity, with a higher percentage in the South than in other areas. Thus, while 67% of consumers living in the southern states of the country recognize themselves as loyal to the brands, only 56% of those living on the west coast declare the same. Likewise, while all consumers, regardless of their age, are concerned about prices, it is the members of the baby boom who most recognize their concern about the transparency of brands when explaining the origin of their products.

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