Young adults prefer to buy products from socially engaged brands

A study developed by TBWA telephone switzerland for Atresmedia, a leading company in the media sector in promoting and developing corporate responsibility policies, reveals the great opportunities that brands have to connect with young people, helping them channel their desire to commitment to social causes.Carried out on young people between the ages of 19 and 29, the research supports the corporate responsibility actions of companies, brands and NGOs and proves how social causes are an important asset in connecting with this generation.According to Jesús Fuertes, Strategic General Director of TBWA Spain, “this study helps us understand how a committed generation encourages, guides and feeds the corporate responsibility strategies of companies”. The better brands understand this opportunity, the better they can build relationships with this generation. “Moral obligation to add value.Two out of three young people think that companies have a moral obligation to help solve social problems.Even higher is the percentage of young people (68.5%) who believe that companies should use their knowledge to help society solve its problems.The difference between this generation and the previous one is that they not only point the finger at companies that do it wrong, but also demand that they take an active position as part of the solution, what TBWAEspaña calls CorporActivismo.They are talking about youThis generation, marked by the use of social networks, has redefined Activism by combining support for social causes, the use of social networks and entertainment.83% of young adults would talk to their friends and share content on their social networks about a company that supports a cause that matters to them.The social cause generates preference, and preference generates business.73% of young adults prefer to buy products from a company that they perceive as socially engaged. It is a strong differentiator from the competition.

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“This generation has no comparison with any other and sets the standards for those that follow,” according to Jesús Fuertes. For the Strategic General Director of Switzerland Phone Number List Spain “we need to understand their motivations, which are much more committed than any other generation we have seen before”.”We must understand that they have grown up in a world marked by global turbulence and the importance of social networks and that enhances the importance of social causes as a way of defining themselves before others,” says Fuertes.TBWA Spain highlights five lessons learned from the study to help organizations implement the CorporActivismo strategy.Put social inclusion issues on the company’s agenda, whether they are supporting social causes external to the company or its own internal behavior.Create content that is worth being seen in the media and shared through social networks. Content that activates their behavior and makes it easy for them to share it with their friends.Connect with their closest concerns, finding local opportunities, especially if you are a large company, with which they can feel identified and interact.Turn involvement into a cause of social responsibility, into something more entertaining and that you can share with your social network.Help young people to perceive that their support is making a difference, report on the achievements you are achieving thanks to them and create elements that make their level of collaboration tangible.These principles have long been part of the work of Atresmedia and its way of understanding social and corporate responsibility, where brands can have a role and a responsibility that is not incompatible with the creation of content that makes the audience of a company participate. actively.

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