XML Sitemap: What is it, How to Create and Generate It

Hello SEOnauta! If you have reached this post it is because either you do not know what a sitemap is and want to learn how to create one or because you need more Guatemala Phone Number List about it …Whatever it is that you have come here for, welcome!What is a sitemap?A sitemap is an XML file that helps search engines understand how a website is organized by identifying its URLs.It also enables them to find data on the web more quickly and efficiently . Hence, their understanding may be greater.“A sitemap is a file where you can list your web pages to inform Google and other search engines about the organization of your content. Search engine web crawlers like Googlebot read this file to more intelligently crawl your site. “The sitemap protocolThe sitemap has a protocol defined, which we can see in this link . It is made up of a series of XML tags , which is a language for structuring information.This protocol has become a standard that the main search engines -Google, Bing, etc.- recommend to use and is supported by each of them.The inclusion of a sitemap on a website does not guarantee that search engines will index all the pages we add, but it is highly recommended for them to perform better crawling.Keep in mind that the URLs sent with the file must belong to the same domain (subdomains are not allowed) and that they use the same protocol (if we use the http protocol, we cannot add https).” Tip : Check that you have configured your website so that it can load in https and not in http. We recommend it to you and Google demands it more and more;) “We must also bear in mind that, if we have several websites in different routes or folders, we should not mix them within the same sitemap.Why does my website need an xml sitemap?Google, and the rest of the search engines, find new content through web crawling.When search engines crawl a page they focus on both internal and external links . If a URL you have followed is not in your search index, you can index it.

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However, if a specific page is not connected to others, Google cannot detect them . And therein lies the importance of sitemaps.By creating a sitemap we are telling Guatemala Phone Number List where it can see the most important URLs on our website so that it can see and index them.Keep in mind that if the search engines do not see your content, you will not appear in the SERPs.On the official page of the protocol we have all the information about the format to be followed by the sitemap files.The mandatory labels are as follows: Optionally, we can also include the following tagsSearch engines can use it to choose one or another URL in their results based on which one we give more priority to. Its value can range from 0.0 to 1.0 and the default priority assigned is 0.5.The most used types of sitemapshow to make a sitemapAll of us, or at least many of us , already know the most common and relevant sitemap, the XML type, but it is not the only one that exists and each one of them has a different function .These are the existing sitemap:XML Sitemap: The sitemap.xml or sitemap_index.xml file facilitates the indexing of a website’s URLs, indicating to search engines that those URLs are there to be crawled. Ideal for sites with tracking problems.HTML Sitemap: It is a type of web map that facilitates user navigation and shows web URLs in an orderly manner.Sitemap for video: As you may have already guessed, in this file you must include the URL addresses of the multimedia contents that are included in your website. It is done to facilitate search engine crawling and find files in .mpg, avi, mkv formats, among others.News sitemap: The purpose of this file is to create an organizational scheme with news, which allows handling that information on platforms such as Google News.Image sitemap : An image sitemap is interesting to send to search engines the URLs of the images, recommended if the images are very relevant on your website. By generating this sitemap and importing it to GSC, you will increase the chances of appearing in the Google images search.What is the maximum size for a sitemap?You may never have thought about the maximum size of a sitemap, but it is important to take it into account so that the performance of your website is good.

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You have to have everything under control!The maximum size of the sitemap file is 50MB, with a maximum of 50,000 URLsIf your website has more than 50,000 URLs, you can choose to create more than one sitemap, and that’s itHow to create a sitemap with WordPress?Now that we are clear about what a sitemap.xml is and what it is for, let’s go to what may interest you the most: how to create a sitemap file automatically with WordPress .All of the above can be useful if you want to create a sitemap and have more control over it. But, at this point, we are going to talk about creating it automatically. Without ruffling you!To create a sitemap with WordPress , there are many plugins that can help you and save you a lot of time.Although many people use the Yoast SEO plugin to optimize their website for SEO, today we are going to focus on another plugin that is giving a lot to talk about and is positioned as its direct competition: SEO Rank Math , SEO plugin of 2020 that is completely free. If you are interested in the world of this popular CMS, take a look at this post about the best plugins for WordPressHow to Install the SEO Rank Math PluginI understand that you already know how to install a plugin in WordPress but, if you don’t know it yet, here is the info:




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