WPO to achieve 100% in Lighthouse and Pagespeed in WordPress

In May 2021, we know that Google will finally launch the Page Experience Update , an update that has been warning for a long time and we do not know the impact it will have, but generally, when they give such notice it is because the impact will possibly be big.In the post that I talked about this algorithm, I gave some information about this study and explained quite a bit above the steps to follow to speed up your website, but in today’s I will focus mainly on WordPress.I will go in depth to give you tips and show you how to optimize the speed of a website 100% in Google Lighthouse , in addition to some tricks that usually work quite well for me and that I did not tell in the previous post.The impact of speed on Egypt Phone Number List we know that speed is a fairly relevant factor for various reasons, not only at the SEO level, which has some influence (and will have more soon), but also in the user experience .Speed ​​in SEOHaving a website that loads faster allows Google to crawl many more pages in less time.We know that Google limits the crawling of a website to a variable time ( crawl-budget ).If during this time it allows you to crawl more pages or go through them multiple times, this will improve the SEO positioning of the site.Speed ​​in user experienceIn terms of user experience , it also has a fairly high impact.Nobody likes to wait for many seconds after clicking on one of the pages, to go to the next. Many of the people who finally do not buy a product, it is because of the slowness of the site and the bad experience they generate on the user.Not only that, how many times have you entered a website, tried to click on a site and everything scrolled and clicked on another site that you did not want?This is a clear example of a bad user experience and it is what Google intends to avoid with the new update and with the Core Web Vitals .


How to optimize your WordPress at 100% speedI already talked about this in my post about the Page Experience Update , what steps to follow if we want to optimize a website.This time I will tell you about the process that I followed and with which I achieved 100% in Google Lighthouse Unnecessary Egypt Phone Number List first of all is to clean all the plugins that we do not need within our website, so as not to overload it.cookiesCorrectly configuring cookies will prevent us from having correct data about our data, but it will also improve the loading of our website, since it will prevent the tracking pixels from loading.In this case, cookiebot is the only one that I have verified that it works correctly to date.WPO Plugin For WordPress
Of the plugins that I am going to name now, I will tell you in more detail a little below.I personally use WP-Rocket , since it includes all the options I need for asynchronous loading, file minification, compression, cache, etc.In this step we must activate all the options except the cache.For the images I use imagify , which is quite good and offers me the possibility of uploading images in new generation formats.Lastly, I use plugin load filter , which allows me to selectively load plugins.Code optimizationAt this point, you need to be using Google Page Speed ​​and combining it with Coverage, a Chrome feature for developers.To do this, we must access with the right mouse button and inspect , in the drop-down that will open, we must go to the 3 points on the right, in More Tools , Coverage .From here it will give us the option to reload the page:coverageAfter reloading the page, it will show us the files that we can optimize, the red part being the one not used on said page and the green part being the one in use.If we select one of the files, it will show us the code in red that is not used on that page.coverage optimizationIn this case, for my website that only had 3 different types of pages, what I did was erase code little by little and check that then all the pages and the functionalities were correct.It is a process that you have to go little by little, but it is not necessary that you clean all the code, with that you eliminate part, there will come a point where the error of optimizing js and css code in Google PageSpeed ​​will disappear.

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So the process is to remove code, check that all pages are ok in design and functionality, pass Pagespeed, and so on.Once the error stops showing, we can continue optimizing if we want to further improve speed, which is not necessary.Font preloadThis corresponds more to the WP-Rocket section and configure it correctly, but it is possible that some fonts we have to add display = swap in the CSS or in the loading of this in the <head> .Optimize databaseI never did this process manually, I have always pulled paid plugins. It is responsible for cleaning everything that we do not normally use and records are generated in the database, making queries heavier, such as the versions of autosaved posts, for example.WP-Rocket has this functionality which you can program, but it is convenient to have backups on hand.CDNWith all this we should have our entire website optimized, but if we also want to improve a little more in SEO, we can use a CDN to improve speed even more , at the end of the post I give some recommendations on which to use.LighthouseAlthough the main thing for the next update are the Vital Core Webs, I have suspicions that the Accessibility, SEO and Good Practices metrics may have some impact, so I also recommend taking a look at the metrics with this tool, and consider doing some improvements around here too.The good thing about WordPress is the great community behind it. It allows you to find many professionals and products for a lot of things, whether they are plugins, hosting providers, templates, CDNs or developers.

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I will tell you some pretty good resources that will help you with the WPO topic .WPO WordPress pluginsThese are some of the speed plugins that I use the most in WordPress projects, as they usually work quite well.W3TCIt is one of the most used cache and WPO plugins and it is free.The plugin configuration difficulty is quite high and some options give problems, that is why I usually combine it together with Autoptimize .AutoptimizeA cache plugin more focused on working with files and images .It has the advantage of being able to serve images from the shortpixel CDN , but the cache operation is not the best and the plugin itself is quite incomplete for my taste, generating some problems in the functionalities, that is why I usually combine it with W3TC .Wp-RocketQuite complete plugin for paid WPO .It is one of my favorite speed plugins since it works the best.It is true that you have free plugins, but in my experience, there is no color in the results and the ease of use of the plugin.ImagifyPlugin to optimize images and serve them in a new generation webp format. It has a limited free version and an unlimited payment version.Can be combined with Wp-Rocket . It allows you to compress the images and even load them directly in webp format, something that is quite noticeable in the loading speed of the web.SmushPlugin to optimize images . It has a free and paid version.I have used the free version at some time, but not the paid version. It is currently one of the best image optimization plugins for WordPress.Load Filter pluginIt allows you to do conditional loading of plugins by type of page or individual page. Gratuitous.

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I consider this plugin essential if you want to optimize the loading speed of your website, since it allows you to select what you want to load and at what time.Hosting providersWe have already seen some of the most common plugins to optimize our website in WordPress, but we must not forget that a good hosting provider is also an important part of speed.RaiolaRaiola is one of the hosting providers specialized in WPO for WordPress , they offer a very good customer service, and the quality of the hosting is very good.SiteGroundSiteGround is also a good hosting provider. The only downside is the price, which is more expensive than normal, but the price is paid because they are good. They also specialize a lot in WordPress services .Amazon Web ServicesOne of the best hosting services , but it is one of the mostexpensive and requires a lot of technical knowledge, it is not like traditional hosting providers.
The good thing is that they also offer multiple tools from the platform.Templates and builders forWordPressIn general, if you want a fast WordPress theme , it is best to go for a minimalist and very clean design , with few loading elements, even so there are some options in terms of quite interesting themes.SevenserpIt was recommended to me by my partner Bruno Ramos Lara and it works pretty cool to be honest.The theme is very focused on options for people who are dedicated to creating and setting up niches in WordPress .Generate PressAnother theme that Bruno also recommended to me and it works quite well at the speed level.It has a free and paid version, it also has a block constructor that despite being somewhat complex to use at first, then gives you a lot of flexibility when building your pages.

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