Women, the perfect “Brand advocates” for brands

Women are social by nature, and companies should take this into account especially when promoting their role as brand ambassadors. House Party, a company specialized in social marketing, has carried out a study that has analyzed what motivates women to share. “Why thailand free phone number Share: Activating Brand Avocates” provides companies with an analysis of these powerful brand ambassadors, of their social media habits and of their favorite channels. But why are the “Brand advocates”, the champions of our companies, important? According to Nielsen, 92% of people trust the recommendations of a friend more than any form of advertising.Hous Party interviewed more than 3,000 women from its “Brand advocates” base along with another group of 1,000 women from the general public and similar demographic profiles.”Recommendations are the number one guide to consumer shopping, and the top of the line in the test,” says Kerry Lyons, Senior Vice President, House Party. “Women want to be up to date and spend a significant part of their time consuming social media and sharing their recommendations with friends and family. To take advantage of its great influence, companies must put the product in their hands ”.


Asked where the brand advocates are most present Thailand Phone Number List , the answer unanimously points to Facebook, and they are three times more present on Twitter than the control group. Other results that the study includes are:Tests are more interesting than discountsWhen asked about what has encouraged them to recommend a product or a brand, Brand advocates comment that the fact of having been able to try it before, and the high valuation it has achieved, is above all options. Interestingly, they have selected “special offers, discounts and promotions” in third place, after “it’s a brand that I like”. And lastly, they have placed the fact that it is a brand that is advertised, despite the millions spent by companies.Recommendations drive purchases .Study after study has shown that the main driver of purchases is the recommendations, behind only the tests.Brands do not need to offer discounts to get “likes” on the networks.Just as the general public is moved to give a “like” to those brands that make some kind of special offer, the “brand advocates” are twice as inclined to do so simply because they like the brand, and up to three times more for interesting or entertaining content, for the news or because a friend is already a fan of the brand.

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