With SEO content strategy, Adecco México triples its organic visits

“Defining strategies, creating creative content, developing new elements and following up after the creation of new leads are some elements where the experience of Cliento allowed us to increase our commercial performance in a very important way.”Cecilia Badillo – Adecco GroupThe Adecco german phonenumbers is a leading Human Resources professional services company. It has more than 30 years of presence in Mexico, with more than 80 branches nationwide. Its main services are recruitment and selection of personnel, outsourcing of specialized services, training of work teams and business consulting.At the beginning of March 2018, Adecco’s keywords were not positioned in the first results of search engines (Google), but we worked on them through different actions. The results are shown in the following table:Define the profile of the ideal buyer (Buyer Persona) for this type of service, and the information he needed to obtain from Adecco.Approve the forms of the site , in such a way that they will help to validate said profile.
Develop content of interest to the ideal buyer.Provide timely follow-up by the commercial team , since only 55% of prospects from digital media were served.Key factors for successDefine the Buyer PersonaFor Adecco’s digital strategy, the first step was to define the ideal prospect for this type of services, focusing on a profile of Human Resources Manager, in national corporations.Development of the Buyer’s JourneyBased on this Buyer Persona, we established the actions with which we should accompany the Buyer Persona, from the moment it requires or requests information, until the consideration and purchase decision phases.

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BlogWe develop a content strategy, focusing on blog articles with tips and relevant information for the Buyer Persona. It was important to position the keywords related to Adecco’s services, since many of them were outside the first results in search engines (Google).We work with Adecco in the development and adaptation of digital assets offering relevant content and reinforcing the buyer’s path in the decision-making process.We developed pages for Adecco services, focusing the content on the differentiators of each service and improving the look-and-feel to match the value proposition.Through digital assets, we create a series of emails that communicate the main differentiators of Adecco in each of the services related to said content. The objective of these emails was to feed prospects with valuable information, bringing them closer to requesting a quote or contacting Adecco’s commercial team to obtain more information about their services.In mid-2020, Adecco already occupied the first place in the positioning of four keywords related to the services it offers . Some of these words were below the 50th place at the beginning of March 2018.In the following image you can see the increase in sessions, visits and users, as well as the decrease in the bounce rate, between 2018 and 2020.Thanks to the strategy we implemented, a 180x increase in sales from digital media was achieved compared to the 1st and 2nd semesters of 2019, as shown in the following table:

Thanks to the strategy that was developed together and the actions carried out, excellent results were obtained for the Adecco Germany Phone Number List team. Communication between both teams was key to ensuring long-term success.think of collaborating with Cliento?The synergy achieved between Adecco and Cliento generated a great impact on visibility and sales, through a comprehensive strategy in digital media, from the development of the Buyer Persona and the nutrition of prospects through valuable information, to quality in the follow-up of them by the sales team.Because Adecco is recognized primarily for its recruitment services, most of the contacts they obtainedthrough digital means were people seeking to be part of the company’s job board . However, this was not the main objective of the Marketing team, since the need was to attract medium and large corporations that require professional Human Resources services .Similarly, it was very important to position themselves organically in search engines (Google), since they faced more and more competition in the industry and needed to reaffirm their leadership position.Adecco approached Cliento to develop a comprehensive strategy in digital media, starting with defining the ideal buyer (Buyer Persona) and the path they had to travel (Buyer’s Journey) to become a customer.

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