Why you should integrate your CRM with a Digital Marketing Automation tool

Learn 3 reasons why you should integrate your CRM with automation tools so that your business model is predictable and scalableIt is not news that today the Saudi Arabia Phone Number List world widely uses technology as a competitive differential. Knowing how to understand and serve consumers in the best way is essential to stand out from competitors.In this context, the CRM arises , a tool that records and organizes all the points of contact between the consumer and the company in order to personalize the relationship. Howev er, will collecting information only after consumer contact be enough?As we have said other times here on the blog, today, with the information widely spread on the Internet, more than 70% of the purchase process is done before contact with the seller.If you do not know who is researching your products and services on the Internet and you passively wait for those people to come into contact, you are missing a great opportunity. An important detail of this story is: maybe your competition has already advanced in the investigation and communication with the client.Therefore, to accompany the purchase process as a whole, we are going to need marketing automation , which works to understand and act in a personalized and progressive way with the people who interact with your company in the different online channels.For the first time here on the blog we are going to talk about the enormous potential of joining these two conceptually brother software, which together will help you to relate to the market and generate qualified demand for sales.The objective of the post is to show why it is so important to integrate your CRM into digital marketing automation software .More agility in the operationInformation, to generate value, must be reliable and available. In the past, when someone came into contact with the company, your information was divided between vendors, spreadsheets and databases.

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The CRM was created to centralize that information and keep it available, but, as we know today, the user begins the purchase process long before that. Monitoring consumer online behavior is therefore just as important as contacts made directly with sales.To achieve good results, both Saudi-Arabia Phone Number List professionals and salespeople need information to act quickly and personalized with Leads.When integrating CRM into a marketing automation tool, the first big advantage is the two-way flow of information between the tools. The CRM will load data on the profile and the involvement of the Lead, while the marketing automation will use the return of the sales information to plan and measure your campaigns.Companies that work with generation of demand through Digital Marketing, know that over time the strategy of generating leads reaches high numbers, requiring qualification work to deliver opportunities for sales .With the integration of these tools it is possible to make the automated transfer of leads to sales, based on objective criteria established by you. The fact of abandoning the manual qualification of these leads in exchange for objective qualification criteria also allows a more faithful analysis for the comparison between time periods.Still on the same line of thought, a good practice is to think of lead stocks that identify strong buying interest. With this, it is possible to create triggers that inform the salesperson in real time that a business opportunity is ready to be addressed. Companies that aim to grow and progressively increase their businesses cannot afford not to automate laborious processes such as the delivery of qualified demand for sales .Intelligence to attack the best business opportunitiesAll that operational agility is a great advantage that allows the company to take advantage of opportunities and adapt to changes, but it is useless if we do not know which way to go and which opportunities to attack.The fact of having the Marketing and Sales processes aligned allows us to close the sales cycle. Imagine having your funnel numbers and conversion rates up to date, monitoring from site visits to purchase. With this we can identify and measure the performance of each marketing campaign and its impact on sales revenue.

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That power to hook the return on investment (ROI) to marketing actions is a great advantage, and it allows you to know exactly what is working or not. The account is simple: if for every $ you invest there are $ 2, you don’t have to.In addition to allowing you to measure all your actions, another practice that we indicate a lot is the specialization of salespeople. As we discussed in the introduction to the post, today consumers are looking for personalized treatment.For example, if your product is suitable for both micro and large companies, how about training each salesperson for one of those variables? That way we have mutual gains. At the same time that the customer has a much better experience due to having tailored attention, the salesperson improves their performance and gets more sales.Another way to win is to avoid losing. What company never found duplicate information without knowing how to identify which was the true one? That and other setbacks occur due to having many sources of information and manual processes. Humans are wrong and that is perfectly understandable, but when it comes to information it is very important to preserve reliability to maintain its value.Sales force: fewer salespeople, more salesWhen we monitor the relationship between potential consumers and the company, we are really working on the sale from the Marketing processes. By consciously educating the consumer with content and driving them through the sales funnel , we are actually playing the role previously played by sales, guiding why and how to invest.It is left to the seller to better shape the benefits for the consumer and to negotiate terms and price. It may seem small, but being the search reference and having salespeople focused only on selling instead of explaining aspects of the product, increases productivity and demands fewer salespeople.

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