Why include Pinterest in your social media marketing strategy

Surely you are aware of the existence of the social network Pinterest, but did you know that it has innumerable benefits for your company? If you are not yet aware of the advantages that this network can offer you to achieve your purposes this new year, read this blog!Pinterest is a social network that allows images known as “pins” to be shared on different mobile number list download boards. Users are customizing their boards based on their tastes and are saving various “pins” in them to take ideas or save references.Although it is true, many of the users use them to save recipes or to save fashion and beauty ideas, but did you know that the vast majority also use it to buy after seeing a good product board? And, did you know that not only women use it, but also that men make several monthly purchases through this network?Pinterest is the visual social network par excellence and it is one of the best means to publicize your products and services through creative boards, using striking colors and images to capture the attention of users. This is essential, because in this century, visual content is fashion .Pinterest is also an interactive tool that users love, as they can follow boards that interest them and can add images of products they want to purchase to their own boards with the push of a button.The magic of this social network for a company is similar to that of Instagram: the perfection of an image is worth a thousand words.For this very reason, Pinterest is a success for sales. Well, it is beautiful, visual and effective. Which means that users can spend hours and hours searching and saving various images and exploring new websites through those images without any effort. Technically speaking, Pinterest helps improve your website’s SEO .

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However, if these benefits still do not convince you to start in the Pinterest world, here are some others that will certainly convince you, pay attention!1. Great source of traffic and visual impactThe images that you upload to Pinterest from your website, link to it. So if any user clicks on your image, they will automatically be redirected to your USA Phone Number List , thus obtaining a higher traffic rate.So make sure to create boards that talk about your brand and have others that are related by topics that interest your target audience. Also, make sure that these boards have proper names and a short and adequate description, that is, keywords . This is ideal to capture the user’s attention and encourage them to visit your website.For example, if you have a company that organizes events, you can have a board for ‘weddings’, another for ‘international events’, another for ‘corporate events’, etc. in addition, boards with topics related to event planning such as ‘catering’, ‘centerpieces’, ‘new wedding decorations’, ‘exceptional wedding dresses’, etc. A yes, you’re answering a question set of users and providing relevant information to solve a problem.2. Long life of your pinsUnlike the other social networks like Facebook and Twitter, the life of the pins is eternal . An attractive image will live forever and there is no danger that in time you will never find it again.For this reason, having the boards well organized is essential for them to become a search tool or source of inspiration for your users. Keep in mind that many use Pinterest search like Google.That is, some write ‘room decoration’ or ‘trips to Rome’ to see what comes out. So if you have a tourism company or you are an interior designer, it is best to have boards with these keywords to be one of the first options to appear.

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3. High engagementPinterest has a unique design that makes it addictive . Plus, it’s easy to pin, repin, and spend hours and hours looking at photos on any topic. So do not expect more! Create images of your products and services and you will see how they move from user to user quickly.In no time you will reach audiences you never imagined before.So, think no more! Get started with Pinterest today and you will see the power of images to improve your sales closings!However, before starting and posting random photos, you must understand that the main thing is to have a good marketing strategy, just as you have for your other social networks. Thus, you will be able to see the growth of leads and sales closings for your company. So, start planning today and stay tuned to our blogs to learn more!Do you want some good news? At Niu.Marketing we can help you! If you want your company to be a leader in the industry this 2018, do not hesitate to click the button below and find out how you can improve your sales process to close many more sales.

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