Why do you have to get the attention of consumers today?

“The biggest flaw in current advertising is that there is too much” this is a very successful phrase of the famous publicist Luis Bassat. So adequate that it opens the doors to this new market, in which precisely because of this supply of advertising, the need for an answer to this question begins to emerge: How to get the attention of consumers?While the cell phone numbers for sale used to be about space, so it was all about how big the ad was, nowadays that doesn’t work anymore.Why?Because billboards do not guarantee the customers they love, since they are only seen by the people who pass by, leaving out a large part of new consumers.In addition, it is worth mentioning that we are in the digital age , where space is unlimited, causing the focus to be different.So what is the focus?Returning to Bassat’s words, because the space is unlimited, the publicity is too much, so the question is no longer how big my ad is, but rather, how much attention does it get.The businesses of the 21st century must prepare for a new battle, the fight for attention.Where the battlefield is networks, the army is content, the media, innovation and personalization, and the end is conquering consumers’ time.


Surely you wonder why this change?Well, this is all due to the digital age, since living in an increasingly connected world means that it becomes increasingly difficult to capture the attention of customers.Explaining further, I want to say that connectivity leads us to ubiquity …What does it mean?It means everywhere. And … how do we relate this term?Because every day we find ourselves doing more than two things at the same time, we are getting busier and busier.This has repercussions in the USA Phone Number List , because only the content that is really good is the one that attracts attention and that we click.Everything else … we don’t even see it. Let’s see if you feel identified. You are working on a report for your boss and you decide to go to a news page, you read the headlines to see what is worth reading.Why?Because knowing that you are doing something important, you will not waste your time getting into things that neither interest you nor attract your attention.Exactly, without realizing it, this is how it works.So the goal is to do something really good that offers value to the audience (powerful content) , so that it isable to earn their time and attention , generating more and more new consumers.What seemed to be unimportant is, what seemed to be worthless has.Let’s face it… care is the foundation of new wealth in this digital age .The more interesting, the more time and attention and the more attention the higher the sales.

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