Why do universities use digital marketing strategies to attract students?

Universities and higher education institutions have incorporated digital marketing in their main strategies to attract new students. The changes in the trends that students follow have forced higher education centers to adapt their approach towards young people interested in their programs. In this way, educational phone database  has seen an adaptation to the digital world through tactics based on the development of content and the improvement of the attention of universities to students. Communication has thus become another of the main areas that institutions have had to develop.These changes and adaptations are due to digital transformation and a change in the reasons why students are predisposed to study a university degree or postgraduate degree. In order to know the evolution of the trends that mark the process of applying for higher education, the educational portals educations.es and educations.com have published a study based on a survey in which 20,000 students from all over the world have participated.Schedule a call hereAdaptation to market trendsTo understand the need for universities to adapt their strategies, it is necessary to know the trends in the sector. In recent decades, the reasons why students spend at least four years of their careers in college have changed considerably.The study shows that students prefer to study a degree that suits their passions and personal interests. When choosing what to study, they choose the program and university that most closely matches their personal tastes. This has a direct impact on the actions that take place when searching for information before making the decision.


Regarding this aspect, the study participants recognize that the information that most influences their decision is that which explains details about the educational offer. Almost half of students indicate that curricula or articles that describe unique factors in the courses have the greatest impact on their decision.
For this reason, the development of content adapted to the tastes of future students is one of the main sources of influence for universities in the higher education application process. These actions recognize changing trends and allow universities to tackle one of the main challenges in attracting students.
Communication and new scenariosThe digital transformation has designed a scenario that has determined the places through which students and institutions establish contact. In addition, communication through the new channels has affected behavior during the decision process and request for higher studies.Events and student fairs have always been one of the main channels of attraction. These events allowed for a direct interaction that turned out to be very effective. However, currently 73% of prospective students discover universities and their programs through internet searches. Another reason that explains the incursion of digital Phone Number List  in this process.Communication has also suffered considerably. 72% of the participants in the study assure that they would use social networks to contact the university to resolve doubts and problems.In this sense, the expectations of young people regarding communication with higher education centers are very demanding. 40% of students who make a query want one to receive an answer in less than a day. A figure that increases to 80% when they expect the answer to occur in a week.Digital marketing thus becomes one of the most appropriate tools to overcome the challenges that changes in trends and scenarios have introduced in the process of attracting students. In this way, universities can cope with the customization and immediacy that is currently required.David García has a degree in Journalism and Strategic Communication. He currently works as a content editor for the education and professional training portals educations.es and findcourses.com , where he writes about educational trends and personal development issues in organizations.If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us.Also, subscribe to our blog for more tips to increase your sales this year. Inbound Marketing Guatemala is already an option, find out what this means! Don’t be left behind.

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