Why a company culture helps digital marketing

Do you know what is the secret of large companies to stand out from the competition? It is not only about having excellent products and services, the truth is that the key to standing out and being one of the best is having an excellent corporate culture. Companies like Hubspot and Google have noticed this and have gone out of their way to make their employees feel special, and boy have they done well! If you also want to make your company the best, keep reading!The corporate culture is the way of being of the company. Basically it is the result of the policies, norms, virtues and other procedures that define the top management and that the employees internalize. The reputation and the results for which the company is recognized represent the habits behind the brand.That is, the employees and the environment within the organization is the fuel for it to grow. This reason calls us towards the formation of habits oriented towards corporate strategy and its sustainability.And indeed, you have to start with the well-being of the root so that the fruit is good. No company can be better or worse than the people who make it up . Today’s businesses must have a complementary business culture and purpose to excel in digital uae telephone .Society demands that companies, both public and private, have a social purpose and a good corporate culture. To prosper over time, each company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it contributes positively to society and how it helps and drives its employees to be better in that process.The truth is that each culture is unique and the one that works in one company may not work in another. However, you can learn from companies that are doing it right. For this reason, at Niu.Marketing we have decided to put Huspot’s tips and its Code of Culture into practice. Which have led us to be better every day.Niu.Marketing InsightsWhen we read the Hubspot Culture Code we remember why we decided to call Niu.Marketing ‘NIU’ (it means ‘new’ but how we would write it in Spanish). First of all, we wanted to attract the new. New experiences, strategies and changes in clients’ lives to help them achieve their digital goals. We want to be a friend to clients, we want to be someone who helps others understand new digital strategies and trends so that they can easily achieve their goals.

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By doing this, we are caring about serving others and, at the same time, making our employees feel like they are learning, growing, and helping others as well . Our mission is to help and support companies so that they can adapt to these digital changes; we are passionate and we love what we do.We are committed to our clients’ results and we always go the extra mile. We are obsessed with customer service and believe that results are the responsibility of the entire team. We believe that, once we understand the importance of corporate culture for digital UAE Phone Number List , we achieve a better purpose as a company and even inspire people to want to work in our agency , because here, that mission becomes the daily life of the employees.New Call-to-actionAnd this is what it is about, Hubspot has taught us that we must create a company that we love . It is about creating a corporate culture that motivates the company and allows it to excel in its field. Culture is to a company what a product is to marketing. Understand then as something vital.Talented and high-potential people are drawn to a high-culture company, just as consumers are drawn to exceptional products. So why not create a culture that we love and that, at the same time, allows us to improve our brand and our service?Like Hubspot, at Niu.Marketing, we dare to be different. We aspire to be better, we believe that the indispensable tool to excel as a company are the wonderful people who work in it.We are trying to help the world to be Inbound , to make sales and digital marketing a more personalized process that cares about people’s well-being and needs.So, we invite you to also care about the culture and purpose of your company! Not only for the benefits and the fulfillment of goals. By having a good culture and a transcendent purpose, the rest will follow.How to improve corporate culture?Here are some general tips so that you can start to put into practice and motivate your employees:

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Do not penalize everyone for the mistakes of some.The comunication is the key.Let the employee come first for you, so he will put the customer at the center.Good results are to be celebrated.Bad results must be understood and motivated.You have to be leaders, not bosses.Better to fail than never try.Employees need support and feedback to know how to reach their goals, not just directions and commands.Contributing ideas is valid for everyone, not just for some.Companionship, kindness and help is the foundation.Being transparent is vital.No to selfishness, you have to share knowledge with everyone.It’s about everyone being better, not just some.The results are worth more than the number of hours of work.You have to be open to change.You must trust the employees and their abilities.Compromise is necessary. Be a family, a team, not a simple company.Be simple.Keep in mind, you need to be proud of the people who grow and develop within the company just as you are proud of the company itself. Invest in your employees, invest in culture, invest in your purposes!


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