Who is the Community Manager? Functions and skills to possess

The definition of Community Manager is still under debate even for large companies and brands, it is often related to SEO issues, digital guidelines, data analysis, campaign reports, campaign optimization, media plans, etc. Too much, don’t you think?What is a community manager?A community manager, or CM for short, is one of the many professions that the world of digital british cell phone number encompasses. This professional is in charge of administering, managing and developing the online community of a brand or company.He is also the one who in the same way manages the identity and image of the brand, seeking, creating and maintaining relationships with its clients, ensuring that they are stable and long-lasting.What does a Community Manager do?Among the main functions that a community manager must fulfill to contribute to the company or business for which he is working are:Recognize the opportunities and threats that arise for the company in the online environmentContents andactivities carried out by the competition that can serve as a reference to create value for the company.Bring information to the different departments of the company in order to integrate these into thestrategies that will make up the action plan.Being the voice of the brand on social media and attracting customers through various digital tactics, including the creation and dissemination of content based on current trends and the topics that the public wants to hear. Its main function should be to create a community for the brand.Create powerful relationships with influencers who can contribute to the brand’s strategy.Search for possible brand ambassadors, through the knowledge that users interact most with the networks of the company or brand.These are the main functions that must be fulfilled by a community manager, but it is not the same to talk about the role that he plays than the skills that he requires to be able to achieve it.What are these skills?The qualities that define a community manager are closely aligned with the way they will function through different fields. Among these skills and attitudes we can find:


Communication skillsA community manager must have the ability to transmit the personality, values ​​and identity of the brand through the content that is disseminated in digital media with the community. PassionIf a UK Phone Number List wants the public to fall in love with its brand, it must first be 100% familiar and related to it, in other words, it must first fall in love with it. It is vitally important that a community manager knows perfectly everything about the brand, the sector and the current competition.OrganizationA community manager is in charge of managing a large number of activities per day. Beyond what is scheduled for the date, details may arise spontaneously that change the workflow with which a CM is being managed, for them it is important that you manage to correctly order your priorities.Dedication and flexibilitySomething that every community manager must know from the moment they start working is that they must always be aware of the events that occur in the community. You should also take into account that the tone that you use in one account will not be the same as in the others, so you must be very flexible in the way that you communicate to the audience in each one.CuriosityA community manager must have a curious nature, since the speed with which the internet evolves isgreater than that of any other sector. That is why it is necessary for a CM to always keep up to date with the news and changes that arise in the environment. These are just some of the many skills that a community must possess to achieve good performance inmanaging the digital identity of a company or brand.In fact, there are skills that, beyond being necessary from the beginning, can be found in the middle of the road and contribute to the level of preparation of the person who is working as a Community manager to grow.External professional skills that are compatible with a CM Copywriting:Micro-writing is very important for the work of a community manager, not only in the orthographic sense, but also in the creative sense. Writing that is clean and creative alike serves to build content that captures the attention of users and, beyond that, is useful to them.


Content Manager: He is in charge of researching, creating content and writing it. It has similarities with the Community Manager but they are very different.Creativity:Just like in writing, being creative is something a CM must be by nature. Having the ability to contribute new ideas and strategies gives value to the work of a community manager.You already know what a community manager is, the tasks he performs once he is hired, and some of theskills he must have to stand out in the medium.Now that you know the benefits that a community manager can bring to your company or business, you will surely be asking yourself a questionHow much does a community manager charge?According to the NextU page , the amount that a community manager can ask for in exchange for their services depends a lot on where you are, if we talk about Latin America, the estimated costs can be the following:Colombia – Between $ 415 and $ 3500Mexico – Between $ 566 and $ 3500Peru – Between $ 461 and $ 1230Argentina – Between $ 648 and $ 2400Bolivia – Between $ 542 and 2748Chile – Between $ 800 and $ 2748Ecuador – Between $ 500 and $ 1200f what you are looking for is to add a community manager to your work team, it is very important that you take these prices into account, since they may vary based on the activities that the community performs.But, there is a detail that must be taken into account when talking about the work of community managers, and this is….What a community manager is NOTAs we mentioned a few paragraphs ago, a community manager must know how to prioritize their activities in order to complete their work in the correct way. However, it is very common that they are often attributed functions that are totally different from what they really have to do, taking away time and the ability to complete their activities.It is important to recognize those functions that do not go according to the work of a CM, although they can master them, they are not a necessity; many come to confuse the true obligations of community managers with other fields that resemble them, for example:

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Graphic designer It is not the same for a community to have knowledge of digital tools like Canva, which helps to organize and create content for social networks, to be a Photoshop and Illustrator professional.Although a community manager has the ability to make certain designs for publications, they should not necessarily be expected to create an entire graphic line for the brand. Web designer or web developer A web designer is not only in charge of creating graphic files, his work is also in programming in softwares like CSS.On the other hand, a web developer specializes in the handling of computer language such as Java, ASP, JSP, PHP, Ruby, or corporate languages ​​such as HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript or AJAX. A community manager can contribute to the content of some pages, but it is different to want to attribute it to all the development of a web page, including codes, designs and functionality. CopywriterAlthough it is important that a community manager has writing skills to help him create his content for social networks, the job of a copywriter is specifically in the writing of advertising copy, in order to attract clients. SEOLet’s start with SEO, its main function is to make improvements to websites that help to better position the page in search engines, and for this you must have knowledge in:Web architectureKeyword researchSEO content strategiesTechnical SEOA community manager can rely on an SEO to look for trends in themes in google and be able to create strategies that allow the good positioning of the content in social networks, but leaving a community in charge of the responsibilities of an SEO is too big a bet and risky. Knowing that he is not a community manager, you can better recognize the work he does and does not do. But, now that we are talking about what a community manager should NOT do, it is important to take into account….What mistakes should having a community manager avoid?
Spelling mistakes : A misspelling on social networks can cause more damage than you imagine. Do not allow spelling errors to destroy the expectations that the company or brand you work for has of you, make sure you double-check the text. Not using the right tone: A community manager should always speak according to the brand you represent, since this is how you will communicate with customers. You should also be careful not to take the comments personally, in a bad way or aggressively, this gives a bad image of the company or brand to the public.Do not use supported information: Community managers, before making any type of publication, must verify that it is true and that it is also updated. Reviewing various sources and contrasting news will help you better define the content you publish.Copying content: Plagiarizing other posts reduces the credibility of your content and deteriorates the trust that the community has in the brand. Use your own style and make sure to build original content.
If I want to become a community manager, where should I study?A community manager works in the digital area, specifically in the field of social networks, so their training must be closely linked to Social Media. There are many institutions that are responsible for training people whose objective is to specialize in networks and online brand management.An example is Escuela SM , in charge of providing the community with the bases to get the most out of social networks, addressing the issues of strategy, content, creativity and digital growth. In conclusionThe work of a community manager is based on the fact that the digital identity of the brand is kept alive in networks and can grow every day. You must always be aware of trends and developments that arise in the field, as well as seek the creation and publication of content that really adds value to the public.A community manager can bring great benefits to your business or company, because in him or her lies the management of how your brand will be recognized and how it will reach the public.

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