White Hat SEO, Gray Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO Which is better?

When studying the different types of SEO , keep in mind these three possibilities, White Hat SEO, Gray Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO . And know perfectly the advantages, characteristics and risks that you face depending on which of them you use. The best way to explain what the terms White Hat SEO, Gray Hat SEO, and Black Hat SEO mean is a good Western movie. Specifically, the classic living room scene. The one that always ends with fists; with broken tables and chairs and all the bottles on the bar shattered. The example explains that the man in the White Hat is playing cards (SEO). And follow the rules scrupulously. Trust their good work. Also in his experience and in knowing how to combine and bet in a balanced way to win the game and obtain good returns. There’s more to this movie that could be perfectly titled White Hat SEO, Gray Hat SEO, and Black Hat SEO. Sitting in front of him is the man with the Gray Hat. This element will be able to take full advantage of the rules of poker, which is the SEO simile for the occasion. And you will be able to create very thin red lines, and even cross them if you see the right occasion. They can be some partners with whom you signal or maybe you can put in a deck of marked cards. You know the risk you take, but it is difficult to get caught because you do not do it all the time. It is more of a resource to win the game. The main scene of White Hat SEO, Gray Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO remains. At that moment of tension in the game, the bad guy of this Western movie arrives. Of course,  usa phone number database free download  it is the man with the Black Hat. He walks around the spacious room and sits at the SEO-Poker table, face to face with Black Hat SEO and Gray Hat SEO.

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This time, the man in the Black Hat is willing to break the rules, even twist them, for his own benefit. He’s the guy with aces up his sleeve, has two decks, and does all kinds of shuffling tricks so that the cards are at his disposal.  UAE Phone Number List  SEO is the acronym for the term known as search engine optimization . SEO (search engine optimization) is understood as search engine optimization . It is a set of actions aimed at improving the positioning of a website in the results list of Google , Bing , or other Internet search engines . SEO works on technical aspects such as optimizing the structure and metadata of a website. But it is also applied at the content level, with the aim of making them more useful and relevant for users. The origin of SEO Like all beginnings, the question was quite simple. Those responsible for the Internet pages of the company, administration, product or service only had to send the URL (address of the Internet page) to the search engines. In turn, search engines would send out a gadget known as a spider that would extract the data from the submitted URL. These data were, for example, the links to other pages that this website had. Once the data was collected, they returned the information to be indexed .

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