When generating leads, do you know what to talk to them about?

“To sell, more than talking, you have to know how to listen.” Ben shapiroToday, traditional sales strategies no longer work as they did before, as both customers and the market itself have changed.20 years ago it was not necessary to establish a relationship with the prospect; What’s more, they only came to a store and the seller gave them the prices and profits of the product and the sale was almost closed. Basically the only thing sellers did was sell cold .Cold selling was by far the most effective strategy to achieve an efficient sales process, however it is currently considered invasive and annoying for the customer and ineffective for the salesperson.Moreover , according to Hubspot , 90% of cold sales are ineffective, so much so that only 2% – or less – close efficiently.Why this change? Because the client has evolved . Today companies are faced with informed prospects; prospects who do their own research.All the information is just one click away on the Internet, so prospects are no longer satisfied with a cold sale, now, they need to satisfy much more than that. usa and i phone number

According to a Hubspot study , prospects say they prefer to close a sale with a salesperson who can advise them and offer value, not simply describe the product and want to sell it.61% of buyers say that the experience in the purchase process is very good as long as sellers provide relevant information. 45% want salespeople to be interested in their goals / problems / doubts.In other words, prospects want to work alongside salespeople who can anticipate their needs by offering them the value and advice they need.To do this and become a successful salesperson in this digital age, when generating leads, you must know what to talk to them about ( context calls ); It is true, you can do it using traditional methods, such as asking them directly what they need, what they would like to achieve, etc. However, this would not impress them and you would not get too much information.

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So, next I will give you 4 tips so that you know what to talk to them about by obtaining relevant information. In this way you will be trustworthy, as you will be ensuring that their well-being is at the center of the sales equation.1. Your prospect’s agendaIt has happened to me many times, out of nowhere I am with a group of people and the topic of conversation of events arises, out of nowhere I find out that 3 more people attended the conference that I attended a few weeks ago … at that moment it seems that we were destined to be friends, because we talked for hours about the relevant topics of that day, the attendees, the food, lighting, etc.Just like that, your prospects will love talking about the events and conferences they have attended lately, as it will seem like they have a lot in common.I recommend you review the agenda of the company where your prospect works and attend the sameevents. This will give you a lot of contextual information so you know what their interests and goals are.For example, if your prospect is a bank manager and you see that he attends a “digital marketing” conference, this tells you that he may be interested in improving his online strategy, he has problems with the community manager, he does not know what strategies to implement in the marketing area, you want to update the company, etc.So, try to coincide in the events of your prospects, in this way you can start a conversation that benefits both of you. You will provide confidence and professionalism and he will open up completely to you.

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2. Current news and informationDon’t you love talking to those people from whom you always learn something new?Well, your prospects too. Try to read the news every day and keep up to date with the topics that have to do with your company and with the company of your prospects. Find interesting facts and reveal them when you have a conversation with them. Also, find important information sites (like webinars, ebooks, podcasts, etc.) and recommend them to your prospects. Trust me, they’ll appreciate it.3. Trending magazines and blogsColumns in business magazines and blogs provide different perspectives and experiences from which you can draw many ideas to share with your prospects.There are many blogs that they keep updated every week with topics of interest, so try to subscribe to one so that every week you know something new. Also, ask your prospect which blog they read, which blogs they have shared lately, and which they have learned the most from. At that time, recommend something to him and you will see how sharing information will give more confidence to the prospect – company relationship.4. TwitterAlthough it may not seem like it, there are many details that you can get through a Twitter account, as it allows you to find a lot of information just by typing a word.USA Phone Number List  Another tactic is to directly review the profile of your prospect and the company where they work, since you will be able to see what hashtags they use (and search for them later), what content they share and what other companies they follow. Also, you can search for company chat “[your prospect’s company name] + Twitter chat.”Remember: cold calling was efficient in its day, today is the time to give prospects what they really need.If you make calls with context = happier prospects = more sales = happier salespeople. If you put the prospect at the center of the equation and focus on their needs, everything else will follow. In addition, I invite you to continue reading and inform yourself with our blogs to become a successful seller in a short time. Guatemala has already entered the digital age, Inbound Marketing Guatemala is already an option, find out what this means! Don’t be left behind.If you are interested in increasing your sales, I invite you to download our e-book to increase prospects through the internet, which, effectively, will help you increase your sales closings month by month. Click the image below.

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