When establishing your domain name and registering it,

keep in mind that one of your goals is to achieve visibility in a good place in the SERPs. So try to choose a short and easy to remember name.Of course, forget about your use only keywords . Google is interested in original names that build brand . Also, don’t forget to register the domain with .es, .com. net and .org. You will prevent others from using the same name online. THE CMS is the content manager of your website . In this way, you can easily control the database, place or delete content, products or prices and it will be accessible only to site administrators. When creating a website you can choose to use an already created and template-based CMS. Or create one to measure . The latter is economically more expensive. But it is also true that it allows you greater freedom, creativity and functionality. In addition, it also means that it will respond to your specific needs. 4.- The usability and navigability of the site Another factor to take into account for the proper functioning of your website as a sales tool is usability . cell phone number database   This refers to the degree of ease of use that a web page has . Remember that users are impatient and you should make things as easy as possible for them. And this happens by structuring the web in a simple way so that users can find everything they need naturally .

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For example, neat and clear navigation menus, images and clear product information, avoid duplicate information, promote interactivity,  Phone Number List  etc. What it is about is that the user does not feel lost at any time. The pages have to be well linked and offer the user the possibility of accessing other content. All this is what will give a good user experience to the site. It is about customer satisfaction when buying. Not just because of the product itself. But because of the interaction it has made with your website and the after-sales service it has received. A lot of customer loyalty will depend on this or that they never buy again. According to the latest annual IAB study of ecommerce 2019 , 53% of users already make purchases through mobile . Given this reality, it is essential to design a page taking into account the display on other devices such as smartphones, tablets and even smartvs. Logistics sections on your website When users visit an ecommerce for the first time they want to feel that it is a trustworthy site immediately. What’s more, there are a whole series of sections that must be included in the site and at the customers’ disposal: In this way, users can access all the information they need about the transactions to be carried out , as well as their rights, the protection of their personal data, etc. The absence of these sections is usually, in fact, the first thing that makes one suspect that a page may not be reliable.

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