What is user experience (UX)?

It seems like a new term, but user experience (UX) has been with us since the beginning. It is related to the interactions that a user experiences when they are browsing a web, App or any online platform, here they are in charge of evaluating how they find what they are looking for easily and quickly.The uk database contact of a website may be the first example of the user experience that comes to mind, but that is not everything. This is not just about aesthetics, but about how the user works or feels. Although the visual aspect is something important, it is only a part that complements the process, evaluating the sensation or experience of the user during its use is what allows us to rate the customer’s trip. Remember that usability is the main focus. If something looks good, but is not useful, the user will most likely lose interest. UX-focused design is customer-focused, therefore, it is constantly changing and adaptable, but it also seeks to meet the objectives and goals that a business sets for itself. We speak of an interconnected experience at all levels. UX vs customer experienceBefore knowing the advantages of developing or having a project focused on user experience, we must recognize how it differs from the term customer experience . Sometimes both are often confused, but in practice it is possible to recognize the importance and what each one is responsible for.When talking about customer experience , it refers to the experience that a consumer has with a company or company, from the first interaction to completion. That is, it begins when the user is interested in the brand, knows it, acquires the product / service and then becomes part of its community.

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Now, when we think of UX, we refer to that experience that the user has when using a product or interacting with it, be it a web, app, device or something UK Phone Number List . In this process, we focus on the usability or utility of being in contact with it. Why think about UX?A good experience allows the needs of the user to be met and met, achieving the objectives for which a product or site was created. Therefore, what is sought to achieve is that the user navigates, interacts and enjoys when coming into contact with the product. The main thing is to remember that the user experience depends on the interface, usability and that the user completes its purpose without inconvenience. We can say that UX makes interfaces useful.The purpose of the UX methodology is to facilitate the processes for the user and seeks to improve people’s lives, through products that manage to add value to their day to day, to keep them satisfied. It helps you achieve the loyalty of users, thanks to the positive experiences that they have, which makes them link with the brand or product, ensuring that they remain loyal customers. When you bet on implementing the methodology, you increase the sales opportunities of the business or reach potential customers, thanks to the optimization designed for users and what they need.How to improve the user experience?Developing a platform focused on usability or on providing optimal service to users, must meet certain points to obtain the best results. Taking into account the elements that go beyond a visual design, allows to provide a positive experience to the user. Having said all this, here are some points that should be taken into account

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Communicate clearly and with a universal language. This applies from the writing of the content that can be presented to the actions that it is going to execute as in some buttons. Allows the user to be in control. It applies when you are browsing or interacting on a platform. Remember that you must allow a comfortable and easy-to-use interface, so you will make your stay or interaction time longer. Think about the psychology of color. Think beyond what you like. Each color has its meaning and conveys a message to whoever is on the other side.Think of a design focused on usability. Apply all the steps that we mentioned above and this way you will have a focus beyond the image. It seeks that it is of interest to the user and that makes the user want to stay longer.UX toolsToday you can get and use many tools to help you meet user experience goals. It also allows you to evaluate the product at all times to make appropriate changes, so you can reduce “pain points” and improve the user journey. Some of those platforms that can help have the following here: Moqups. It allows you to create mockups, thanks to the templates you have to create your project. In addition, here you customize each of its elements, such as: colors, fonts, icons, among others … That allow you to give an attractive image as you wish.
Wireframe. It is a tool that allows you to create web interface designs that seek to provide satisfactory service to the user. Pencil. It is a prototype tool that allows you to design your platform comfortably, since it can be installed on your desktop. Figma. It is a software that allows you to create prototypes and dynamic models, here you can test the usability of your project. A great advantage is that you can work in a team and use it for freeCaravel. Here you can manage your documents, wireframes, models and diagrams with your entire work team, so it is vital when managing projects.We can realize that the user experience is not static. It is a process that is in constant evolution whose purpose is a positive experience for the user. Lastly, it’s important to know that UX is focused on creating more dynamic multi-device experiences today, so feel free to test with the high market demand in mind.

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