What is the SCRUM methodology? Practical guide with examples

As can be seen in the image above, the SCRUM methodology is the one most used by teams that opt ​​for agile methodologies. But it is not the only one. In fact, there are some that have been part of the hype of the startup world for a few years: Kanban . Which stands out for being the most visual process management system. Extreme Programming (XP) . A methodology that focuses on adapting to the usual changes in requirements instead of trying to define them beforehand. Lean startup . A system that focuses on hypothesis-driven experimentation to measure the progress of a project. It allows improvement with customer feedback and validated learning, that is, what has been learned. Scrum is, therefore, an agile methodology. And, as such, it focuses everything on the development of a set of tasks and procedures aimed at project management. What characterizes agile methodologies is that they evolve over time and are developed with multidisciplinary teams. The advantage of adopting agile methodologies in your projects Thus, agile methodologies are one of the keys to success for companies that launch a firm commitment to digital transformation. More than anything because with them you gain flexibility and immediacy since they adapt the way of working to the changing conditions of each project.  Lithuania Phone Number List  All this not only allows to reduce costs and increase productivity . In addition, it gives a return to the way of managing projects in a VUCA world dominated by the following principles:The Scrum methodology was defined by Ikujiro Nonaka and Takeuchi in the early 80’s.

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They did it in a study in which they analyzed how to develop new products from technology companies such as Fuji-Xerox, Canon, Honda, NEC, Epson, Brother, 3M or Hewlett-Packard.For Nonaka and Takeuchi,  Lithuania Phone Number List  the new form of teamwork resembled the advancement in scrum formation of rugby players . Hence its name since melee translates as scrum in English. Thus, Scrum is a way of working in a team in which the result is produced incrementally. To achieve this, short periods of work are established in which the same pattern is followed. And it has been shown that it is applicable to all types of companies, not only those with technological roots. Do you want to start applying the SCRUM methodology? To do this, the first thing is that you understand the process and all the elements involved. There are basically 3 steps that you should take into account: The starting point is a list of goals that need to be prioritized . This phase is essential since depending on what is prioritized, one or the other requirements will be necessary. It will be this prioritization that determines the subsequent interactions as well as the deliveries. The team that performs it is the one that will determine, also, what tasks are necessary and how the tasks are assigned among the members. The sprints . The SCRUM methodology is characterized in that it is executed in short, periodic blocks of time. They are called sprints and are the basis of the method. Each sprint lasts between 2 and 4 weeks and gives a complete result. This will be a deliverable. All sprints have an identical format. For them to work, there must be ongoing communication. In addition, progress is represented visually. Feedback and reflection . At the end of each cycle, the result is presented to be approved or rejected. It is time for the team involved to reflect on how the sprint has been worked on, what has gone well and badly and, above all, how to improve it. As you can see, the SCRUM methodology focuses on the repetition of these cycles, the sprints, which have the following structure:

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