What is the impact of using augmented reality in digital marketing?

Virtual and augmented reality can help improve your brand’s customer experience. More and more companies are incorporating augmented reality strategies into their own mobile number of strategies. And it is that augmented reality has created a great impact at all levels of society. Impact that continues to grow and develop in new and changing ways. But first, two key concepts:What is virtual reality (VR)?Virtual reality tries to replace reality through devices that allow us to feel in another place. This technology has been used a lot in the world of video games. With virtual reality glasses the player can immerse himself in virtual reality naturally. Another example of VR glasses is the Google Cardboard, a “Low Budget” glasses that use (your cell phone to create virtual reality.What is augmented reality?Augmented reality is a version of reality, but perfected. Images or information made by computers are added to reality through our senses. An example of an augmented reality device is the Google glass. These lenses allow you to obtain information about routes, weather, business, email notices. All without contaminating reality, if they do not complement reality. In this video you will learn how they work. Another example is the game Pokémon Go. An application in which the user walks down the street to find Pokémon. This game went viral and is the perfect example to illustrate how you can use augmented reality to reach a lot of people.Schedule a call hereAugmented reality uses digital technology to superimpose information on conventional image, video or text formats. In other words, it is a rising technology in which digital data is fused with the real world. Thus, this technology superimposes computer-generated data on the real world.

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On the other hand, according to trends, users use their smartphone or tablet to discover the world through augmented reality.And the thing is, augmented reality has unimaginable Phone Number List potential. According to a Digi-capital study, augmented reality (AR) is forecast to achieve a market volume of $ 150 billion in 2020.The RA’s revenue share will be divided among different areas. What; advertising, consumer, theme parks, film or television, e-commerce and hardware.In addition, the same study determines that AR reaches one billion people worldwide.Advantages of incorporating augmented reality strategies into marketingOn the other hand, augmented reality also offers the opportunity to establish a link between the brand and the users. That bond is strengthened through the new mode of communication with them. At the same time, they are given the opportunity to explore the products that the brand offers.Improve brand awarenessBoth in relation to customers and the media. It is about offering a new experience to customers that also generates a surprise factor that always favors interest in the brand.Increase customer engagementBy offering more information in an easily accessible way, the user is linked to the brand. Experience that also helps you to have more decision-making capacity and to optimize the sales process.Physical experienceThanks to AR, users will not experience just one more marketing campaign. It is about living a physical experience to which you link it.Differentiate yourself from the competitionAR encourages creativity and different marketing campaigns. Brands have the opportunity to promote the product or service in any way. Thus, they achieve that the name of a brand passes over others in the same sector. In addition to generating a lot of expectation with the product or service.Create exclusive messagesAR helps create exclusive messages, which attract the attention of consumers. Thus, AR has a direct impact on increasing brand visibility and improving its reputation.Surprise consumersAR achieves the basic requirement of every marketing campaign. Surprising users is essential for the brand to remain in the user’s memory. Thus, it improves your information experience, avoiding the typical saturation of any traditional campaign.

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