What is the crawl budget and how to optimize it on your website

In our work to optimize websites to position them in search engines, words such as ‘keywords’, headings, metadata, the alt of Latvia Phone Number List , even link building come to mind.All of this is what comes to mind when we think about what SEO is . And many times we leave aside other important aspects , such as the crawl budget.What is the crawl budget?The crawl budget or, the crawl budget, is the time that Google spends when visiting a website, your website . This ‘budget’ has a direct impact on the positioning and indexing of the sites. That is why it is essential to look at the crawl budget on our website.To get a correct crawl budget you will have to take into account :The authority of your site.The quality.Speed.Accessibility.If you are interested in optimizing the crawl budget of your website, this is your post.What is the tracking budget for my website?If you want to improve the crawl budget of a website, first we have to be aware of where the Google bot is going and how often it does it .To control it, you have to analyze the logs hosted on the server , so using the Screaming Frog Log Analyzer will become your best ally.Thanks to Screaming Frog Log Analyzer you will detect:The sites most visited by the bot.What places you are accessing and where you are not.How often you do it.If there are 3xx, 4xx and / or 5xx response codes on the web.From the results you can already get a first idea of ​​what the Google bot does . And once analyzed, it is time to optimize the tracking budget for the URLs that you consider most important.Why is the crawl budget important in SEO?Fast and easy:


If Google does not go through a page, it does not index it and it does not appear in search engines (it will probably end up appearing, but later).A little more Latvia Phone Number List the event that your website has a number of pages greater than the crawl budget that it has destined, it is likely that you have pages that are not indexed .NOTE : The vast majority of websites should not have a problem, since Google is good at finding and indexing pages.Despite everything, there are a number of cases in which you have to pay special attention to the crawl budget :You have a large website . For example, an eCommerce with more than 10,000 pages. It is possible that in these cases Google may have access problems.There are many redirects on your website . The redirections and chains consuming budget tracking thesites.You have added many pages at once .It is important to have the crawl budget under control because this will translate into a greater control of Google and, therefore, an improvement in the SERPS for your pages .Why is crawl budget optimization often neglected?We have the answer on Google’s own official blog .In the post, Google itself explains:“ An increase in the frequency of crawling will not necessarily lead to better positions in search results . Google uses hundreds of signals to rank the results, and although crawling is necessary to be in the results, it is not a ranking signal. ” This statement is, for many positioning professionals, the perfect excuse to put the crawl budget aside.For his part, Gary Illyes himself, Standup Trends Analyst at Google, says that on a large website the crawl budget makes sense . On the other hand, if the site is small, you hardly have to worry about the tracking budget.

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Request a budget without obligationBut the SEO issue goes much further than making a major change and improving the ranking of positions. SEO positioning will make small changes and optimize them to get the best results .Although it is not a big factor in crawling as John Mueller (Google) comments, optimizing the crawl budget will always be beneficial to the overall health of any website .6 tips to optimize your website’s crawl budgetIf after getting here you are still thinking about optimizing your website’s tracking budget, keep the following aspects in mind.It allows the crawling of your important pages by robots.txt.It is something obvious, but it does not stop being important.You can do the robots.txt management yourself or with a web auditing tool.The task is simple. Add the robots.txt to the selected tool and it will load the document .If you want to configure the robots.txt manually, you can learn in this post .Attention with redirectsOn all websites, especially the larger ones, there will be 301 and 302 redirects. It is something natural, but it must be avoided so that redirection chains are not generated .As there are redirects on your web page, the Google bot loses more time going from one URL to another , so the crawl budget it has allocated will result in the study of fewer pages.Site speed (WPO)Speed ​​is a fundamental aspect of websites to improve the user experience , but it also benefits the crawl budget.In Google’s own words: ” Making a site faster improves the user experience while increasing the frequency of crawling .”The faster your website loads, the more pages the bots will crawl .

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Internal linking worksThe Google robot prioritizes in its crawl those pages that receive the most internal and external links .Ideally, all your pages would have external links , that link building should be worked on . But it is not usual in most cases.In this sense, interlinking is of vital importance . Internal links send Google bots to all the pages we seek to index.You should try to avoid orphan pages (pages without internal or external links) on your website at all costs .Update the sitemapIf your sitemap is up-to-date, Google robots will understand your website better , which will improve your crawling budget.This time, make sure that the sitemap corresponds to the most recent version of the robots.txt that you have loaded.
If you are interested, you can learn how to generate the sitemap .Prevent HTTP errors from consuming crawl budgetThe 4xx and 5xx errors, in addition to damaging the user experience, consume your website’s crawl budget.Therefore, it is important to work on detecting these response codes .Tools like Screaming Frog will help you detect these errors in your domain so that you can locate the pages and fix it.There are many techniques with which your website can make the most of the crawl budget assigned by Google.If you keep wondering if crawl budget optimization is important to SEO, the answer is yes. And if you make it easier for the bot to see all your pages, it is much more likely to have much better positions .We hope this post has helped you understand what the crawl budget is and how you can work on it to get the most out of your website.Do you have any questions about the article? Write us a comment. Do you want to improve the positioning of your brand? Contact us ! We will be happy to help you achieve your goals.

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