What is Google Search Console and what is it for?

Google Search Console (GSC) is a totally free Google tool used to measure your website. In it you will be able to see different reports about your page and consult the information available on its performance: errors, traffic, CTR, impressions, speed, etc. It is an essential tool, not only for any professional who is dedicated to SEO, but for anyone who manages a company online. GSC will return very relevant information to us about the data that we send with our website to Google.Next we are going to give you a rough detail of what each area of ​​this tool is for, but before using it you will need to verify your property.How to verify a property in Google Search Console?To verify a property in Google Search Console, you need to do any of the following steps.check google search consoleWe have chosen to upload an list of all china mobiles file to the web root, but you can use a different method if it is easier for you. We have used the FileZilla tool to enter the FTP of our website and upload the HTML file.If your website has mixed content problems, load with HTTP and HTTPS, or you are going to migrate your website to HTTPS soon, we recommend activating both properties (HTTP and HTTPS) to correct mixed content errors and so that you have old data of your own HTTP.Once you have verified your property, you will be able to access all the data provided by Google Search Console. GSC OverviewIn the General Description part, you will quickly and visually see a summary of the report provided by the tool. From here you can open any result that you need to consult.what is google search console forPerformance Reportperformance google search consoleIn the Google Search Console performance report you can filter by search type, date, queries, pages, countries, devices, appearance in the search engine and cross it withclicks,impressions, CTR and position.This section is very important, since we can draw many conclusions, here are some:

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We can know what keywords users search for us.We will know which page each keyword is associated with.In the page tab, we will see the URLs that generate the most clicks and impressions. The position our China Phone Number List occupy in the Google SERP will also help us to know which URL can be the next onewe work on.We can check by countries, devices and appearance in the search engine.queries google search consolWe recommend that you select and filter by the information you want to consult and download it by clicking on the “little arrow “, in order to be able to work for example in Excel and be much more productive.URL inspectionIn the top bar of GSC, you can enter a specific URL for your query. A report similar to this will appear: request indexing google search consoleHere you will see a summary of the URL that you have inspected.If you click on “view crawled page”, a menu will appear in which you can consult the HTML of the page, see a screenshot of your site and more information.If you have recently modified a URL based on SEO or have created new content that needs to be indexed faster than normal, you can hit “request indexing” to force Google to index that URL faster. Coveragecoverage google search consolePages can have different values ​​depending on the state they are in:Error: the page has some type of error, such as indexing, server errors, crawl problems, etc.Valid with warnings: pages validated but containing some kind of error.Valid: well indexed pages.Excluded: pages not indexed.Look especially at the errors, since there may be some type of error that is harmful for users and that alsoaffects your positioning.SitemapsIn this section you can send the Sitemap of your website so that Google can track it and index your pages.As soon as you have the sitemap clean of URLs and well structured, upload it to Google Search Console so that they are indexed.

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VelocityIn this section of speed it is in an experimental phase, since Google has recently included it in GSC. In it you will see the loading speed of your URLs.speed google search consoleAs you can see, the report is in mobile and computer version. “Mobile first”, yes, Google takes mobile devices more into account, so focus on optimizing your site’s responsiveness well. Still, it is difficult to pull out a lot of fast loading URLs right now. It will be necessary to see how this novel function evolves.Mobile Usabilitysitemap google search consoleIn mobile usability you can detect errors in the user experience of your website visitors who browse on mobile devices. They can be errors due to very wide content, difficult to read text, buttons that are too close together, etc AMP Reportamp google search consoleIn this part, the tool shows the errors, the valid URLs with warnings and the valid URLs regarding AMP. This term refers to Accelerated Mobile Pages, which Google created with the aim of optimizing the loading times of web pages much more.Enriched resultsHere we find the exploration routes, events, frequently asked questions, logos and products. In these sections we will detect errors about the structured data, that is, the complementary information of our URLs that we want Google to show in the SERP.Here is an example of a rich result:amp google search consoles you can see, Google also shows a rating, cooking time and the calories of the recipe in the result.Old tools and reports.Here are more tools and reports that we will discuss briefly:google search console toolsInternational Segmentation: very interesting if your website is multilanguage.URL removal: to tell Google to remove a specific URL.Tracking Statistics: to see the activity of the Googlebot on your website.Messages: collect all the messages that GSC sends you.URL parameters: parameter configuration of the URLs.Web Tools: In this section you can find more tools such as the ad experience report, deceptive experiences, structured data testing tools and other resources.Links:In the Links section, you can see the number of external and internal links on your site, the website with the most links to your website and the most frequent link text. You can download the links to have them all in the same document and thus be able to work better.check google search console wordpressWe hope that we have clarified how to use Google Search Console in your business. If you also need to start looking for keywords, I leave you this post from my colleague Lucas on how to use keyword planner to do keyword research.And remember, if you need to make truly effective digital marketing strategies in your business, you can contact us here .

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