What is digital transformation and how to bring this concept to your business

Doing a digital transformation means restructuring the processes of your company, absorbing a digital culture in order to gain productivityDigital Transformation is a process in which companies use technology to improve their performance, expand their reach and optimize results. This transformation generates a change in mentality throughout the company, both internally and externally, for customers.Have you heard of New Zealand Phone Number List transformation? At this time of crisis and with the quarantine established for practically all segments, this issue has never been a more important issue.In short, this idea describes a restructuring of business processes, which begin to absorb a digital culture to gain productivity. It is a way of reinvention to make the most of the opportunities of the digital environment!This term has gained popularity over time, as we can see in this Google Trends graph:Digital transformationBut, in detail, what is digital transformation? Is it more of a buzzword or is it an idea that can add something to your business? To get started, do you just have to start using cloud storageKeep reading the post to find out the details and answer all these questions. What is Digital Transformation Doing a digital transformation means restructuring the processes of your company , absorbing a digital culture to gain productivity . To do this, it is necessary to make structural changes in the company, placing technology as a central element .may be thinking, “I already have a website, a Facebook page, and I store files in the cloud. Does this mean that my company has already moved to digital transformation?It is not like this. Digital transformation requires a more radical change, which can take time and include slightly higher investments. However, this does not mean that only large companies with millionaire budgets can implement it.Furthermore, it is also a time investment, as it is not only a matter of technology, but also of management.As this is a relatively new topic, it can cause a lot of confusion. Therefore, it is interesting to remember that Digital Transformation is not just for technology companies . On the contrary, it can add a lot to other industries!It is also important that the digital transformation comes from the top of the company, and not from the IT sector, for example. That’s because it requires financial investment and company-wide planning.Why invest in Digital Transformation?Did you know that 90% of the data available in the world was created in the last 2 years? And that there are already at least 14 billion mobile devices in use on the planet ? These numbers show how much technology is present in most people’s daily lives today.The digital transformation expanded the offer of products and services, and transferred physical stores to E-commerce (online stores). In addition, it set precedents for companies that were already born digitally. Sharing services like Uber , AirBnB, and Spotify are examples that are already part of most people’s daily lives.It’s also worth mentioning that each of us is continually churning out data. Based on information from Internet Live Stats , Google processes an average of more than 80,000 search queries per second worldwide, representing more than 5 billion searches daily and 1.8 trillion searches annually.

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Here we come to one of the great challenges: what to do with this gigantic volume of information? And the question is not in administration or monitoring, but in how to extract intelligence from the data.All this has caused changes in companies, so investing in the digitization of their processes is no longer a differential: it is a way to make your company survive .Learn now the main reasons to invest in DigitalTransformation:To improve the customer experienceIt is interesting to note that Digital Transformation helps to focus on the customer experience, since today it is a great differentiator for companies.In practice, Digital Transformation makes it possible to better segment the public, approaching them in a personalized and more satisfactory way to retain these people, making well-targeted offers.It is also important to know what people are saying about your company through monitoring on various social networks, obtaining comments to make improvements.Have more efficient operational processes transformation improves internal processes, making them simpler and more efficient. This motivates the team to stop wasting energy on unnecessary activities and be more productive.One way for your company to be part of the Digital Transformation is by changing offline processes to digital processes.For example: instead of scheduling constant meetings, it is possible to train employees to use process management tools, which make everything faster and more efficient.at RD Station, all teams use, among other tools, Trello and Slack . They serve, respectively, to monitor project progress and to facilitate communication between group members from different areas.In the digital landscape we live in, uniting an offline strategy with online initiatives is essential for companies that need to stay ahead of the competition.to adopt Digital Transformation in your company?Digital transformationAre you excited about the idea of ​​digital transformation? Here are some tips to implement it in your companyFocus on strategic planningDigital transformation is not just about software. If there is no good strategic planning to invest in training and programs, it may be in vain.

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It is interesting that this transformation has objectives that go beyond “updating”. It should be a means to a more specific objective, be it to improve productivity, make integrations, deliver more success to customers, among many others.Don’t forget the infrastructureDigital transformation requires infrastructure to take place. You need to invest in software, equipment, cloud storage, and others.For those who have no experience with technology, seeking a consultancy can be a good way out. This type of professional can help with an analysis of how to improve the performance of the company, pointing out the best paths for digital transformation.Transforming offline processes into digital helps to have faster communication, to integrate the different sectors of the company.Start with leaders and the change in mindset in managementFor your company to truly fit into this context, the change must be from the inside out. It’s not because the New-Zealand Phone Number List says it’s important, that only a few simple concepts should apply (like being on social media, having a blog, starting to invest in Marketing Automation , etc.). First, the entire management team must understand the timing and be empowered.With awareness of change and knowledge about it, it is possible to identify where it is possible to evolve. First, all internal production processes change so that, only later, the relationship between the client and the company is digitizedDon’t wallpaper the cracks when you take the first stepsThere is a famous expression, avoid papering over the cracks , which we can translate as “Don’t paper the cracks, mentioned by Paul Boag in his book Digital Adaptation . The phrase makes it clear how common it is for companies to adopt a digital team, forcing an online presence, without the slightest understanding of what this means, leaving aside who really matters in this process: the customer.While many already experienced managers are afraid of digital just because they don’t understand it, others don’t recognize its real importance and value and as a result don’t invest the time and money necessary.In this sense, wallpapering a crack would be trying to make up digitally, without understanding the true purpose of this and how much all the changes must be from the inside out.Being digital, therefore, is not having an attractive website, it is not changing the visual identity of your company, hiring the best tools and much less being on social networks, or sponsoring that fashion influencer.It is to be clear about the objectives of the organization as a whole, clarity about the bureaucratic obstacles that impede growth and to what extent the company is willing to change the way it operates.How to redesign the digital processes of your company?A recent Harvard Business School report confirmed that “digitization is driving change at unprecedented rates.”The integrated use of data analytics, the cloud, big data, mobile devices and applications is part of this process and contributes to accelerated changes in organizational dynamics, as noted in the Forbes article “ How Digital Disrupts Operations, Business Processes And Customer Experience ”.Furthermore, the report revealed this digital transformation trend not only in the internal processes of companies, but also in finance, and also highlighted that leaders cannot afford to ignore it. After all, in today’s scenario, this can cost the survival of your business.

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