What is CTR and why is it strategic to position in Google

When we carry out marketing strategies, we have different metrics that help us control the KPIs we have. This helps us to identify the reasons why we are achieving or not achieving the established objectives.One of these specific metrics that can help us is the CTR , but what exactly is this CTR? What is it for? How can we work it in our marketing strategy? This is what we are going to see in this post.What is CTR in digital marketingThe CTR is the acronym for Click Through Rate, it is a metric that is responsible for measuring the percentage of clicks with respect to the impressions of something specific, such as an ad, a list of products, the elements listed in the Google SERPs, etc.Thanks to this metric we can establish a relationship between what the user sees and the interest they have.The higher the CTR, the more interest on the part of the user.How CTR is calculatedThe CTR is still a rule of 3 to calculate the percentage of clicks with respect to impressions, in such a way that it would look like this:CTR = (clicks / impressions) * 100The result will give us a percentage value (%).Why is CTR so important?As I have already mentioned, the CTR shows the user’s interest in a displayed element , hence its importance in Jordan Phone Number List , since it transmits different signals depending on how we use it, where these impressions are made and from where the click is made.Let’s see how we can interpret all this based on where the click is made from:Impressions in the SERPS : this click will usually come from SEO or Google Ads. It tells us if the title and the description offered respond to the user’s search intention . This CTR is quite an important signal, as it can also help us position our ads.Ad impressions – This click will come from ads like Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, display ads, etc. Having a high CTR on ads indicates that targeted users have an interest in the offered ad. This increase in CTR can help us lower the CPC on some types of platforms. The better the segmentation, the better results we will have in the CTR and it should be related to the results of the campaign.Product impressions : we can see this from an analytics program that we implement in our store. The printing of products can give us to understand if the image of the displayed product and the information offered is interesting for the user compared to the rest of the products . We can use this information to reorganize our catalog, the sorting algorithm or the campaigns we want to work onImpressions of featured elements : we can measure it if we configure it from an analytics program on our website. Measuring the CTR of featured items can help us understand whether these items are really interesting to the user and whether it might make sense to keep, modify, or remove them. Many times for this we can rely on A / B test.Where can I see the CTR?We have different ways to see the CTR , depending on the traffic channel, we will change the tool we use to visualize this.

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SEOTo see our CTR in Jordan Phone Number List , we must use the Google Search Console tool .It is a free tool that Google offers to webmasters and from where we can see various data from our website related to the Google search engine.ctr search consoleWe can also do the same with Bing Webmaster Tools for the Bing search engine.In both cases we must first register our website and, after a few days, we will begin to see this data (among others).Having a high CTR value in these tools indicates that the ad stands out from others and attracts attention, however, if we have a low CTR , it is possible that the answer offered is not what the user is really looking for .Improving our CTR in certain searches can help us improve the average position of our keywords.AdvertisementsIn ad platforms such as Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads or Google Ads, we can see this metric if we carry out campaigns, which will be useful to assess whether the ads are performing well.ctr google adsIf we generate a high CTR, the most normal thing is that the costs of the ads lower a little and they have a higher score compared to other similar ads.In general, having a good CTR tells us that people are very interested in what they are seeing.Request a budget without obligationIf we have a high CTR but then we generate few conversions , it is possible that something does not work well on the page, be it usability issues, the product or service offered, etc.To finish with this point, there are also certain types of ads that can offer us a high CTR but that we are not impacting the right user , in that case we would have a problem with the user segment we are attacking.Google Analytics Advanced TradinIf we have implemented the advanced commerce of Google Analytics , we can also measure the CTR of our products among other functionalities.In this case, I attach a screenshot where I did a small hack in Google Analytics to measure the impressions of the articles and the CTR they have when users enter my personal blog.ctr advanced trading analyticsThanks to this, I can get an idea of what type of content the users who enter my blog are most interested in and it can help me to know what content I should continue to create.

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If we apply this to an online store, we can quickly compare whether the items with the highest CTR are the most purchased or not , in what position they are, in which list they were shown, etc.Thanks to this we can get an idea about which are the best products and apply different strategies to enhance those products that interest us the most.It is also possible with Google Analytics to calculate the impressions and clicks of certain parts of our website through events, and then manually calculate the CTR and assess whether or not we are interested in the element in question.How to increase the CTR?Now that we know the types of CTR that we can find, we need some tips to improve them. On the one hand, because they help us in SEO and, on the other, because it will improve the value of our ad for the platforms.SEOTo highlight our snippet in the SERPS, we must improve both the title and the description so that it contains the keyword. If we are working from WordPress, we can do it from a plugin such as Yoast or Rank Math.A trick that usually works quite well is to place emojis in both the title and the description , as long as you make sure that there are not too many results for that keyword with emojis. If no result has emojis in the goals and you place emojis, you will stand out from the rest, but if all have, we may have to do the opposite to differentiate ourselves from the rest.Another factor that can help us stand out is to insert schema markup on our website or an index of contents in our articles , as it will help us to highlight our SEO snippets with featured links, rating stars, product prices, list of frequently asked questions , etc.schema faqAdvertisementsIn the case of ads, there are two options that we can work on. On the one hand, the segmentation of the campaigns and, on the other, the message that we are offering , whether at the level of design or written message.

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In the case of the written message, it is convenient that the key word or the most important ones appear in the ad , so that the user can understand what is being offered. In the case of banner designs , it is important to create an attractive and clear image so that the user is able to understand the message of the ad.On the other hand, if the text and design are correct or we have several different ads in A / B test mode and none of them work, we may have a segmentation problem in the campaigns, so we will have to check what type of audience and when we are impacting them with our ads and reformulating these segments.Products from our own websiteIn the event that we want to achieve a higher CTR in certain products in our store, we will only have to change the order in which they are displayed, improve the photos of these products and highlight them , or look for a pattern that we detect that helps us increase the CTR internally.ConclusionsCTR is a well-worked metric that helps us improve our marketing strategy in different aspects. That is why we must pay attention and work on this metric .It is not a complex element to improve for those of us who already have experience in the sector and have worked on this part. In addition to knowing different systems that can help us improve, such as emojis and schema markup, which we have talked about in the article.On large websites it can be quite an important and dense work, which is why it is always advisable to have experts who can help you with your online strategy .

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