What is and what does ‘Fleets’ consist of, the Twitter stories format

Many Twitter users have recently wondered what Fleets is. The latest great bet of the microblogging social network is inspired by the well-known Stories of Snapchat and Instagram . Temporary content is one of the most powerful formats today and Twitter has ended up succumbing to the recent fad. The Twitter test comes years after Snapchat started the wave of content that disappeared in 2013. Other tech giants soon followed suit, launching rival versions of the tool on Instagram, Facebook and other social networks. Now, Twitter starts in Brazil, a country where it has millions of users, the trial period of this tool. It remains to be seen if it helps you regain some of the consumers you lost in 2019 .At the moment, the first steps of the offspring are not being very happy. On the day of its premiere, it got the hashtag “ RIPTwitter ” as Trending Topic. In this way, users showed their dissatisfaction with the new measure adopted by their beloved social network. What has been evidenced in this testing phase is that there is still much ignorance about its operation and possible benefits. A more optimal user experience Those who asked what is Fleets quickly found an answer through Kayvon Beykpour, Product Manager of Twitter.  Finland Phone Number List  In his own words, the function was born because there are users who ” do not feel comfortable tweeting because the tweets can be seen and answered by anyone “. Many people want to tweet about current affairs and for these posts to disappear over time.

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Disappearing posts could lead to a reduction in incidents where old tweets come back to nag. The company says the goal is to encourage users to worry less about what they have to say. With this new technique, the diffusion and permanence of offensive content on the network is also limited. The presentation of this novelty also led to an online debate on information management and controversial images. Finland Phone Number List  Many of them will be short-lived on the platform, but will continue to be viral and influential. Twitter says it will take legal action against people who violate the platform’s rules. The powerful social network ensures that it has taken into account the opinion of its users to design this new tool. Likewise, it ensures that the objective is to encourage users to worry less about what they have to say. What is clear is that we will have to wait for the results obtained in Brazil to know if all this that Twitter promises is fulfilled or not. The term fleets comes from the English word fleet, which can be translated as “speedy.” Essentially they are tweets that will only be published for 24 hours . Your location will be the top of the application, just like it happens in other social networks. The publication of your own fleets will be done from this section. There will also be the profile icons of other users, as in other apps that offer stories .These fleets can only be seen by your followers and cannot be liked or retweeted . In the same way, only followers will be able to respond to these posts and these responses will also not be public. Users can also use the famous emojis to interact with fleets . The possibility of replying via private message is also offered, but for this the DMs must be open. The same usability as other stories In the initial version of the application, consumers will be able to post videos of up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds . Of course, the size limit for each video will be 512 megabytes. Whitelist editors previously selected by Twitter will be able to post videos up to 10 minutes in length.

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