What is a Redirect 301 and why is this a good friend of the Marketing professional

In general terms, the Redirect 301 or Redirect 301 is an instruction in the servers that informs that Page A is now Page B, so that when the visitor accesses Page A they are automatically referred to the address of Page B.Even being part of the technical universe, the Redirect 301 is a tool that every China Phone Number List professional should know, since it can have a strong impact on the user experience and also on the results of your company in search tools.What are numerical codes 301, 404 and what do they mean?
When you type a  in your browser, it will go to the web server, where the page is hosted, and search for the content that is there. The server, for its part, returns with a code for your browser. Normally this code is HTTP 200, which means that your page is ok and in this way the site is loaded normally. However, there are other response code options:500 – Internal Server Error – indicates an internal server failure. There are several reasons that can generate this error, such as read permission errors and even a stability failure on the site;404 – Page not Found – indicates that the page was not found. That means that the file (page) hosted on this server was not found, we will comment later on this error and how to solve it;
302 – Temporary redirect – is a redirect from one page to another address, but with the indication of a temporary and not permanent nature.Among these codes is 301, which informs your browser that the page or website accessed has permanently changed its address;Why and what are the main cases in which 301 Redirects should be usedThe main reason to use a 301 redirect is that it transmits almost that in integrates the authority of the old address for the new one, which does not happen with the 302 redirect or with redirects made through javascript.Therefore, the 3 most common situations that the 301 redirect makes perfect sense are:

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Migration of pages that no longer exist (404 error):In some cases, it is natural that you want a page, a campaign or some other content on your site to cease to exist. Just taking the material off the air will not keep the site with the best experience for the visitor, since when arriving at one of those addresses, the user will receive that famous notice “Page not found” (Error 404).In this case, the ideal is to send the user to a friendlier page, preferably with content related to the old one.Website migrationThere are cases where the intention is not to change a page, but the entire site.Moz, one of the leading SEO tools on the China Phone Number List , changed its name some time ago to Moz. With that, came the job of moving the entire site to your new domain. Since they already had great authority in their old address and wanted to keep it in the new one, the 301 redirect ended up being the perfect alternative.Everyone who accesses the old address is already on the new page and Google understands and values ​​the new site in the same way as it would the old one.Avoid duplicate contentDid you know that and tuempresa.com are different addresses? For Google, this can be considered duplicate content, in addition to diluting the authority of the pages. It doesn’t sound good at all, does it?This is why here in RD Station, when you enter rdstation.com/es/, there is a 301 redirect that takes you to the address n this way, we manage to bring users who type differently to the same page and unify their authorities for Google.If your site doesn’t do that, you should start doing it: the chances are high that your results will improve a lot when this problem is corrected.How Google Tackles the 301 RedirectIn the following video we can see the explanation of Matt Cuts, the main person in charge of the Google Webspam team (who responds for a good part of the algorithm changes of the tool), explaining how Google sees the redirect 301:Did I correctly redirect the pages of my site?One way to know if the 301 redirect is working is to use Google Webmaster Tools , an excellent tool for general site analysis.If the pages were not correctly redirected, there will be an increase, indicated in GWT, of pages not found – 404 error. This increase in the number of pages not found in the long term will reduce the ranking of your site, since it does not offer a good user experience.With this analysis it is easy to identify which are the addresses that were not adjusted and that also need to be redirected.How to do a 301 redirectAs we indicated, a 301 redirect is done on the server, so it will depend a lot on the type of server your company uses.

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