What I do? Do I promote, shut up or do I continue?

Surely you have wondered how to approach the digital activity of your business during this crisis, what to say and give to users, how to carry out the digital strategy, Qatar Phone Number List promoting or just keep quiet… What do I do? Currently this may be the question that many brands ask themselves. Now, to know how to cope, it is very important to calm down, set goals and structure a plan that helps you make the right decisions during difficult times. Always be prepared!This time we want to give you some tips to structure your strategy, for the benefit of your community and your brand, in this time of crisis:Use content to serve and help your customers.In the midst of a global crisis, it is important that you put yourself in the shoes of your prospects and clients. If your product or service does not help people to solve their main needs (taking care of their family, having enough food and staying at home), consider pausing your direct marketing, for a short time, until you have a new strategy. to apply.If you sell products or services that easily fit the situation, it is important that you find a way to contribute. For example, if you are a restaurant, you can start to enable ads that promote your home delivery services. Or if you’re a brand advisor, offer online learning tools and take the opportunity to showcase the usefulness of videos during your time at home. The purpose is to let people know that you can help them.If you don’t offer some type of product or service that easily fits the situation, use this time to move from direct selling to content marketing. Why? Right now people are at home, they watch more videos, read more and listen more, they have time available. Deploy the videos, blog, use podcasts to appear and help your clients solve the problems they are facing right now. Go ahead! Remember that the world is in a state of shock and your messages must be full of empathy and wisdom.

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Humanize your brand Qatar Phone Number List Whatever your social media strategy now, try as much as possible to keep your posts full of understandingIt is important that you understand something: possibly, most of your audience is stuck at home, some have lost their jobs, others have struggling businesses, they are full of worry, anxiety and / or despair. Going deaf might be the easiest thing to do, but it would certainly be the worst decision you can make and obviously your audience is going to notice.The correct position is to see how to help your community, instead of throwing it into the void and showing that you don’t care. Look at these three points that can give you an idea of ​​how to take the positive initiative:Be inspiring.Share quotes and videos that motivate and lift your spirits, emphasize that everything will pass and that you are there to support.Show confidence.Show your community how you can support them and how they can trust you in tough times.Do not leave the good humor aside. Share memes and posts that make you laugh, after all, a smile lifts your spirits.Show yourself as you are, use your team to confirm that together you are coping. Share the work process that you are developing in your company, show the ways in which your collaborators have been involved and do not be afraid to say what scares you, but that you are also being brave to face. Be human!Make a potentially temporary turnTake a look at all of your content, your configured reply messages, what you already had ready to post on social media and run a consistency check, make sure they remain relevant and responsive in light of what is happening today.As you plan for the next few months, keep in mind the fact that some elements of this situation may remain. It is important that your plan is aligned with current realities and that there is empathy and compassion in its tone in the future.Do a social media analysis and see how they interact with your content. It may be a good idea to decrease your posting frequency if people are just not engaging with your content, the important thing is that you try to be as creative as possible. You can advertise paid to provide what you do to help and serve your customers and users in these difficult times.It is very important that you remember something: this is a physical distancing, but the social interaction is still maintained through digital channels. The physical office of your business may be closed, but digital channels are always open, so you must further strengthen and expand the relationship with your community. So cheer up! It is time to continue giving everything.

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