What has the Hubspot Pipeline Generation Bootcamp meant?

This year at Niu mobile phone directory australia free , we set out to grow and in my years of professional experience selling services, I knew that the most important thing was to generate enough pipeline to achieve stable and predictable growth, but the reality is that we had not focused on doing it.Well, the time has come to make this a reality, as of the second quarter of 2018, I committed to become a Gold partner by December 31, 2018.This involved training our sales team, defining a sales process, developing a sales plan, and initiating the lead generation process based on our growth objectives.Causually, it was at that moment when I received an email from Korina Ortiz , our account manager at Hubspot, inviting us to participate in the selection process for a workshop on how to generate more leads.To my surprise it was the Agency Pipeline Generation Bootcamp (APGB). This workshop suited us like a glove because it would help me to meet our growth objective for which we had been preparing.I was very flattered to be accepted as this is a workshop that is only given 2 to 3 times a year to a group of 8 agencies.Among the conditions required to participate, the following caught my attention: Have an attitude of learningCommitment to dedicate 5 hours a weekFighting spirit to overcome the fear of generating leadsThey have spent 8 weeks learning and working hard on the lead generation process; And now I can say that I have the tools to help us meet our growth goal.There are many lessons learned from this workshop, but I consider these to be the most important: Changing the mindset from ABC (always be closing) to ABH (always be helping)All of us who have been salespeople have learned that when we find a prospect we must find a way to turn them into a customer. However today this has changed, before thinking about a possible closure, we must answer the following three questions:

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a. Can we help the prospect?
b. Does the prospect need help?
c. Does the prospect want our help?If the answer to all three questions is YES then we do have a prospect. Now I can Australia Phone Number List how the rules of the game have changed. Prospecting must become a habitSales does not come by magic, if you are truly committed to growing your company, prospecting must become a habit for the entire sales force. Most salespeople settle in and wait for a prospect to show up. The formula for growth is prospectingUse technology to find different ways to connect with the customer Today’s customer is a person who uses technology to learn and connect socially, so it is necessary that your sales force have and use the necessary tools to know and communicate with your prospects.Do they use social media to get to know your prospects more? Do you use a crm and its tools to support the sales process?here is no small customer. You may run into prospects you can’t help today. If this happens to you, support it with resources that allow it to continue growing so that in the future, when it deems it appropriate, it will consider you as an option.By learning to listen actively, you can identify the best way to win over a prospect.The modern customer is no longer interested in hearing about your product / service and the wonders of your company. At least not at the beginning of the buying process. Now he is interested in being the center of the sale, he likes to feel that you are worrying about solving his problem. So, listen to your customer, what they need, what they like, what they care about, etc. Customize the process!Role play is a great tool for learning, learning and learning.Roleplay is a group dynamic that allows us to simulate or dramatize a real life situation between two or more people.Applied to sales, it is a tool that will allow us to perfect our sales process, since we can practice, practice and practice over and over again how to communicate with our prospects. It is the tool to become experts by practicingYou have to be humble to know when to ask for helpFinally, I want to thank our lions coaches from Hubspot Korina Ortiz and Leticia Henry , and my classmates for the opportunity they have given me to learn with them.

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