What are satisfying videos and how to include them in your digital marketing strategy

What are satisfying videos? This question has been asked by more than one Internet user recently. They are, without a doubt, one of the fashions of the moment and it is common to see them on social networks . It is very common to enter any social profile and find one, or several, videos of this type. The reason for its success is due to an excellent combination of excitement, curiosity and brevity. Its great potential to go viral has not gone unnoticed in the digital marketing sector. Many companies have already started to include this format with great success in their marketing strategies . Their virtues can also be very useful in yours. This video marketing technique can not only enhance the image of your brand. A viral element, in addition to considerably increasing the number of followers of your networks, can increase the conversion rate. What are satisfying videos Imagine a thin line of avocado slices that begin to bend inward into a flower shape. Or a round jelly cake that is divided with a ceramic knife. If you find these images relaxing or create a tingling sensation in you, then you like satisfying videos .This format is familiar with feelings of satisfaction and relaxation. There is a scientific theory used to explain what satisfying videos are: the theory of mood management. When human beings see certain actions repeatedly, Lebanon Phone Number List they associate them with feelings: happiness, relaxation, tiredness, stress, etc. Brands introduce these parameters in their videos to provoke certain feelings in the potential audience.Satisfying videos are also used as a tool to satisfy the needs of the mind and body.

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The process to satisfy that need resembles addiction: desire, test, and satisfaction: The first stimulus arises before seeing the main moment of the video. Subsequently, the second, during the duration of its reproduction. The third occurs at the end, with the playback finished and with the good feelings felt. In the end, Lebanon Phone Number List  what makes these videos go viral is the human being’s curiosity for the unknown . They show things from another point of view, whether objects be broken or created, and they make them reach an audience that is satisfied by visualizing them. With the famous satisfying videos, the marketing strategies that use experiential marketing reach the community directly. Everything is in the mind To discover its acceptance you have to discover what satisfying videos are from the point of view of psychology. Scientists claim that they elicit an autonomous sensory meridian response ( ASMR ) . This translates as a tingling sensation on the skin that generates positive emotions. Watching videos causes the release of chemicals in the brain that produce happiness and positivity, that is, serotonin and dopamine. In fact, there are studies that claim that watching satisfying videos helps you relax .

Similarly, witnessing someone perform an action elicits the same neurological response as if you perform it yourself. On several occasions viewers have felt a kind of tingling in the head when watching these videos. This sensation can continue down the neck and spine. Experts consider it a small therapy that satisfies and calms the brain and body. But just like other things that produce pleasure, not all people have the same answer. Satisfying videos provoke different biological and neurological reactions. Researchers have found that about half of viewers may not experience pleasant symptoms with this element.

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