What are rich snippets: types and examples to increase CTR

You may have heard about rich snippets, or you may have read something about them, but do you know exactly what rich snippets are? Do you know how you can benefit from them?From Agencia SEO.eu we will only tell you that with rich snippets you can improve your Kenya Phone Number List positioning . So, do you want to know more about them?What are rich snippets?Rich snippets, or rich snippets, are elements that appear in Google search results and provide you with additional information and greater appeal.When we talk about rich snippets, the results are the rating stars, votes, reviews …Rich snippetsIn this example we can see the use of stars or reviews, which complement the search result and make the user feel more attracted to that option.Why are rich snippets important?In that long-distance race that SEO positioning , enriched snippets are one more element of SEO On Page to take into account . And it is that with its use we are going to have a greater visual impact than the rest of our competitors.Normal Google results feature:
Although you can try to attract attention with an emoji , rich snippets add visual elements to this that provide a higher CTR .Users always prefer to click on those options that provide them with the most information, and that are also attractive to their eyes.It may interest you : How to write for SEO and position in GoogleAnd how does this affect my ranking?Very easy. If people click on your result despite being below your competition because it is more attractive to them, in the long run Google will interpret that you respond to the user’s intention better than the rest of the options . Therefore, it will reward you with an improvement of positions.

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In fact, well implemented, rich snippets can make Kenya Phone Number List  show you in its zero position , understanding that you are offering the content that others want to read.Zero position enriched snip petsIf you appear in the zero result and the user wants to deepen their knowledge, they will most likely click on your website.Rich snippet types Depending on the type of website and the content you offer, you will use some enriched fragments or others.There are several rich snippet options , however, some are only used in very specific or niche sites (flight information, books …).That is why this time we will delve into the most frequent types of Rich Snippets .RecipesSurely you have seen them on more than one occasion.This type of structured data that is applied to recipes allows information related to the preparation time of the dish, photos of the ingredients, reviews, calories , etc. to be displayed .Rich snippets recipesReviews (2)Who does not look at the opinion of users before choosing a restaurant or buying in an eCommerce ?The rich snippets of reviews allow you to see in a 5-star rating what users think about a service, website, company …Rich snippets reviewsProduct markingThis type allows you to get the price of a certain product, as well as images when a person searches for information.Enriched Fragments ProductsVideosShow video content from your website in Google search results.Rich snippets videosOrganizationsThis markup helps Google understand the key information of a company or any other type of organization .This option shows the logo, contact information, address …

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Rich snippets companiesOutstanding newsThis type of rich snippets is only suitable for those websites that have been approved by Google News , and allow them to appear in the first results.In addition to these there are other rich snippet options for events, job postings, subscriptions and paid content, music, podcasts, etc.Rich snippets news are interested : TRICKS to appear in Google DiscoverHow to implement rich snippets on your website?Now that you know how important they are and the different types of rich snippets that you have at your fingertips, it’s time to implement it, rightThere are several options for this:The fast track: install a plugin on your website .The other way: implement them yourself .Before making any decision, I recommend that you go . In this platform you will find all kinds of examples to enter structured data on your website .Schema is compatible with all major search engines and is very easy to configure.In the case of Google, the engine works with three types of structured data :If you finally bet on implementing the rich snippets yourself on your website, platforms such as JSON-LD Generator provide you with the HTML fragment you need according to the type chosen.Request a budget without obligationCheck that the rich snippets are properly configuredThe last step in the implementation is to check that the structured data is working .Google itself has a rich snippet testing tool in which it will show you the different types you have on your website, as well as warn you if there are any implementation errors .Finally, you should know that having structured markup does not guarantee that rich snippets will always appear .As you may have seen, the use of structured data is increasingly widespread. So if you are not using them, what are you waiting for? There are many sites that do not take advantage of rich snippets, and there you can find a difference with your competition .Attract the attention of network users, and improve your website’s CTR and your conversions .If you feel that you are stuck in terms of Internet visibility and want to grow, we can help you. At AgenciaSEO.eu we have the solutions you need.

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