What are Google Smart Display Campaigns?

In recent years, Google has tried to reduce the difficulty of creating smart display campaigns in order to achieve the goal of generating long tail . And it is a total mess to make campaigns on the platform and, in addition, it is not profitable to hire a third party taking into account the time  Afghanistan Phone Number List   that would be invested in adapting it to the platform.

Pressured by Facebook with its idea of ​​attracting small businesses with the option “promote publication” , Google created Adwords Express, a total failure from start to finish. They never struck a balance when it came to keyword management. And creating the advertising at the beginning was very complicated, which caused a total lack of control when it came to verifying conversions.

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Designing a new interface Google wanted to make a total change. It began with the name Adwords Express, to become Google Ads, whose main attraction was the “Smart Campaigns” or “Smart display campaigns”    Afghanistan Phone Number List  . With a new algorithm capable of learning through artificial intelligence , creating a campaign became almost intuitive .

The evolution in recent years has been clearly noticeable and continues to improve over time. Today, smart display campaigns are an excellent option for companies that want to advertise on the Internet.

Everything you need to know about Google’s smart display campaigns
The main charm of smart display campaigns is the combination of the elements in the display ad . They use keywords in titles and subtitles, images and even videos. These ads have the ability to change the font if necessary to fit the page.

Unlike Adwords Express, these ads are self-managed. Which means that they do not require such deep control or continuous monitoring on your part. These ads analyze where on the website they will appear: top of the page, to the sides, or between posts .

It sounds so simple that you will think that you are leaving things in half, but no. Google is the one in charge of taking all the advertising material of your brand, so you are in good hands. The only thing you will have to do is choose the images, keywords, titles and subtitles and maybe an extra detail that you want to add. Google will do the rest.

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As an additional fact, companies that start using smart display campaigns achieve at least 20% more conversions than with other strategies .

Reasons to use Google smart display campaigns
Example of smart display campaigns

The main advantage of these campaigns is the amount of public that they manage to attract. They mainly focus on finding the pages that relate to your brand .

The objectives of the campaigns to develop can be several:

Market audiences: in charge of analyzing and appearing in front of users who carry out product research.
Audiences by affinity: taking into account the search that is being carried out at this time or previously for certain topics of interest.
Default Audiences: This is for cases where your product doesn’t have as much of an affinity for search. The idea for these audiences is to create the advertising according to the intention of the search, but it is recommended that you personalize it to achieve more affinity and that your products are relevant.
The network of smart display campaigns is extremely large. Think that a single user regularly uses Google, Gmail and YouTube. And in the case of Google and YouTube, each page change uses a new advertisement . The chances that they will notice your products multiplies exponentially.

Tips to make your smart campaign more successful
The first question to ask yourself is who your advertising is targeting. Once you’ve defined your target audience , you can start creating your ads and customizing them.

With the ads created, run a trace as follows:

Google Analytics and Google Ads are the tools in charge of providing you with information about the audience that interacts with your ads.
With the information from the profiles of the users who are interested, you can begin to personalize your advertising more effectively . So you can attract new consumers with similar tastes or work with a defined audience.
If you need more information for your new ads, investigate the Google Ads Audience Insights tool . There you will find more specific tips to get new customers by modifying your ads.
With the audience defined, only your creative touch will be missing for future ads. It will be important to regularly monitor each one of them.

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Truths about Google’s smart display campaigns
Conversion funnel
Knowing the meaning of ROI (return on investment) is something that you should keep in mind, because although it has been proven that smart campaigns have a positive effect when it comes to increasing sales, ROI is not something you see immediately .

Ads work secondarily for users. When a user enters Google, he becomes an active search engine, who when entering the platform has a clear objective (read news, check sports results, listen to some music, etc.). The products you advertise to them may be far from

ROI is slow to come because the first ads may not be attractive to customers , even if you are offering just what they are looking for. Hence the importance of tracking and setting up new ads.

Your ads should be pleasing to the eye so as not to cause users to flee from them. Remember that once you have an ad that captures attention and offers your products and services, the second thing is the page to which the consumer is redirected.

The important thing is to get the conversion. If your page is very aggressive and invites the user to directly subscribe, you will scare him away. Ideally, your home page should highlight your products and your brand and, if possible, offer subscription discounts .

There will be new ads that are even less effective than the old ones. So you want to make sure you use the correct keywords and keep an eye on blogging trends. Otherwise, the return on investment will take much longer.

Tips to avoid the most common mistakes when starting a display campaign
The first thing you need to do is understand the sales cycle. You can do a cursory investigation to find out which one would best suit your company. You can start with a model that resembles what you have in mind and later, if you want, change it.

Follow the available models, which offer statistics that will allow you to make comparisons to see if the strategy is working . The tools for you to compare your model with the example are the well-known Google Analytics and Google Ads. You can also rotate between the ideas until you are satisfied.

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Generally, the first campaign you choose doesn’t quite work out as you expected, so don’t be discouraged if that happens. There are many other campaigns that will have better or worse results, you just have to test them patiently and always be aware of new trends for ads.

Conversion is the ultimate goal, so you should adapt your ads as you get the results and then do the same with your home page.

Last details that you should take into account
Just over a year ago, it left the Display Planner Network, the platform in charge of helping new businesses venture into the world of advertising through smart display campaigns . Since then, only specialized blogs have been responsible for providing support.

Also, the new ads for mobile devices have more settings and are much easier to dismiss, making campaigns have a greater effect.

Advertisers will have to spend much more time on each of their display campaigns to ensure they reach their intended audience . Use as much time as necessary before launching yourself, carefully look for trends and be aware of the audience you want to attract.

Want to get started with smart ads?
Don’t forget that Google has a series of default campaigns that require a minimum of settings and keywords. To begin with, your ads will only have words, so in the future you should take care of placing images or videos .

Either way, your ads will start to appear on major websites, gradually attracting audiences. With responsive display you will have access to more professional marketing options and you will learn to include images or videos.

There is also the option of Remarketing. By having an account there your ads will be placed at the top of the marketing funnel. So you can start small, but well on your way to the goal of getting more customers.

But if you have any doubts about how you can make this possible, do not despair, since in Antevenio we can help you. We offer you our Branding services so that you can create your own campaigns on Google .


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