What are Buyer Personas in Inbound Marketing?

“It is a fact, Buyer Personas are the key factor in your marketing and sales strategy.” So don’t be left behind, find out today how to take advantage of this factor and increase your sales closings!Buyer Persona?A Buyer Persona is a fictitious representation of the ideal buyer that you want to attract to your company.Basically, it is a profile of a buyer, which has characteristics that ideally complement your company. It has needs that you can satisfy, problems that you can solve, and it has the ability to pay for your products / services.For example, if your company sells professional kitchen equipment, your buyer persona is probably a chef or a restaurant owner:Schedule a call hereIn these profiles we see that demographic and psychographic information, behaviors, needs and motivations of people have also been taken into account. Well, based on this, you will be able to identify who is best qualified for your company and who is not.For example, if your same professional kitchen equipment company came across a 25-year-old prospect, a dentist, who has no interest in starting a restaurant, he is only passionate about cooking as a hobby. He likes to look up recipes in his spare time and try them at home. He doesn’t know about brands of culinary products and he doesn’t know much about professional cooking either. Live in another country.Do you think you could help him in any way or would he be really interested in your company? – I thought so.So why is it necessary to profile Buyer Personas?Making a profile of your buyer personas streamlines the entire mobile number list download and sales process, as it prevents your teams from wasting time with prospects who are not qualified for your company.As in the previous example, imagine that your sales team had followed up … How much time would they have wasted on a prospect that from the beginning had no intention of consummating a closingFor this reason, whenever your marketing and sales teams are in front of a prospect, in order to qualify them they must be clear about the profile of the buyer personas, see if they qualify for the company, see if they will effectively help them with their needs and problems and see if it is in the right perimeter to have your products and services.

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In addition, it is important to know your buyer personas, because that way you will know what you can offer them in your valuable content to improve their experience in the purchase process .Let’s go back to the previous example, the chef was willing to work with new brands if he read reviews about the quality of production … so if you wanted to inform and delight him, you could create a content offer about videos and testimonials about those who have used other brands and the results What have they had.Also if you like quality culinary products, you can create an article titled: “the 10 culinary artifacts that you can not miss”.The creativity for content offers is endless, just know the needs of the prospect.The objective is to awaken the interest of your target audience. For this, building the profile of the buyer person can be crucial so that you can anticipate those concerns and interests that they have.If you manage to delight him and you anticipate satisfying the need that drives him to do a certain search on Google – believe me – your sales closings may increase, since you are giving him what he wants, without being asked.How do I develop my Buyer Persona?First, you must obtain relevant data and information about all your prospects, using any research tool. The information must be personal, about their online behavior, their work behavior and their possible relationship with your company.Some of the questions that you should be sure to answer are the following:Essential tips to create Buyer PersonasThe success of the creation of Buyer Personas is based on the following:The profiles are dynamic : never consider that the profiles are finished. You will always complete the descriptions as time goes on. This is important to have a deeper and more up-to-date knowledge of your people.You don’t need a complete description to get started : many people never profile their buyer personas because they say they don’t have enough information … that’s the first mistake. You can start by answering a question and that will be enough to organize your Phone Number List  strategy. Remember that as the project progresses, you will complete everything.Details do matter : Every detail of your ideal buyer is very important to understanding their concerns and how you can help them. So, do not miss anything!Buyer personas are the necessary ingredient for any marketing and sales strategy, so what are you waiting for? Don’t waste any more time and create your profiles today, I assure you that in the medium term your closings will increase month by month.Do you want some good news? At Niu.Marketing we can help you! If you want your company to be a leader in the industry this 2017, do not hesitate to click the button below and find out how you can improve your sales process to close many more sales.In addition, I invite you to continue reading and inform yourself with our blogs to become a successful seller in a short time. Guatemala has already entered the digital age, Inbound Marketing Guatemala is already an option, find out what this means! Don’t be left behind.Schedule a digital consultancy for your business here

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