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Rubén and I met in technology projects, specifically Big Data. We both have a lot of experience in business and technology integration. With the technological changes that are taking place today, such as: Cloud, Mobility, Social Media and Big Data, we see the need to support companies in taking advantage of these new technologies to continue growing.After several cappuccinos at Barista and thinking about all these technology topics and their respective buzzwords, we realized that there is a need to change the way companies market and sell today. Advertising on Facebook, putting up a billboard or using us cell phone database is no longer enough. What’s more, it is intrusive.The reality is that as consumers we no longer buy in the same way and companies have to adapt to this new change. Today before thinking about buying something, we first search for it on Google and when we are ready to make the decision is at that moment when we look for a seller. Today all the power and information is held by the consumer. Consumers look for a seller when they have almost made their decision and that is why all companies must establish a relationship of trust with consumers from the moment they identify that they have a problem, a goal or a need.That is why today Niu.Marketing is born, a new digital marketing project. In order to support companies to continue growing through the use of the Inbound Marketing methodology. This is a methodology that is already implemented in more than 90 countries with a base of more than 15,000 clients.Welcome to our digital space, we invite you to visit our page atSocialize your businessSocial networks are Internet platforms that facilitate communication between businesses and consumers, customer prospects and employees, in addition to distributing brand information and cyber exposure.

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There are many networks, however, we recommend using the dominant and widely used: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn .Although it seems that they all serve the same purpose, their function is specific and different. Facebook allows the collective partition in the same publication and allows adding photos, videos or GIF in the comments; Twitter summarizes the urgent or last minute to 100 characters; and LinkedIn is designed for professionals to expand their USA Phone Number List of contacts.In addition to using the ones we recommend, you should incorporate a traffic analysis tool, that is, a program to find out who accesses your publications and comments, their location or the country where they live. This way you will know that what you are sharing is interesting or not and modify your strategy.Like many, you have to have an account on Facebook and Twitter to contact old acquaintances and relatives, or to find out what they were about. But we tell you that these platforms have options for businesses because their use has served to identify the possibility of buying, selling or transacting; and towards this is that we want to guide you.
Get started with Facebook for business. The first thing you should do is open an account to create your profile and then a business page. If you already have a profile, go directly to the option to create a new page. In this link you will find all the information you should know: Are you new to Twitter or is it not your preferred network? For many people, this service does not represent a greater personal interest, however, to do business it is an option that you must incorporate. As we mentioned before, it has evolved due to its use and Twitter now allows attractive alternatives for followers, such as Cards that enrich posts with video previews, for example. Click on this link to start: LinkedIn, what is that? Do not worry. If it’s your first approach to this service and it sounds complex, it really isn’t. Unlike Facebook, which is massively known, it will help you generate prospects and attract new clients to the business with people like you and increase your network of professional contacts to position yourself. In this link is everything you need to know: Remember that when dealing with business accounts, you can pay to increase web traffic to your site, create advertising campaigns and access other benefits that non-paid accounts do not include.As you can see, social networks are more than entertainment sites that offer you the possibility of reaching more customers , measuring their preference and behavior towards the publications that promote your business.

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