Web design in the retail sector: is my website well designed?

We are immersed in the digital transformation and having a website is essential today. But, not only must you have a website but it must also be well designed and optimal for user navigation .A user-friendly website makes the user stay longer browsing the page, generates engagement and also increases the chances of conversion .You must capture the attention of visitors, have ease of use and get those users to convert within your website . To achieve an increase in online sales in your retail sector, you must take into account the guidelines that will be developed in this article.1. Web design in the retail sector should be german mobile company good web design must be intuitive, with a simple architecture and offer great ease of navigation. One ofthe essential points is that your retail website is visible in all browsers. These two points are crucial and essential for your website to function properly.2. Make the purchase as less complex as possible Currently, users only give us several seconds before leaving a web page, and of course they are not willingto waste their time with complex page architecture.To make your website as simple and accessible as possible, the user should not make more than 3 or 4 clicks until reaching any place on your website.If you carry out these instructions, the chances of conversions within your website will increase.3. Optimal menu designThe menu should easily and effectively display the sections of the website. For optimal retail web design , place the main menu on all pages.Except for exceptions such as in some Inbound Marketing applications , you should not leave pages without

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On the other hand, good content should not only be in text format. We love images, videos and more and more we tend to watch and less to read. Don’t be afraid to add images to your website. Enter quality images that capture the interest of the user, show your products, your company or are simply consistent with your website. Of course, you must verify that the image has the appropriate weight and size so that it does not slow down the loading time of your web design .6. More simplicity more Germany Phone Number List simplicity of a web page is a very important point in web design in the retail sector . Simplify it, if a user is looking for information, your phone or e-mail, do not complicate their search.The simpler these actions are, the more conversions you will have. Although it seems obvious and simple, there are still many websites where it seems like a real maze to find what you are looking for.7. Don’t be afraid of white spaceMake use of a good informational architecture. It offers the user well structured content that is pleasant to look at and to use. You should not fill every space on your website with text and images. To obtain a good design, an attractive website and not tiring for the user, you must make use of blank spaces.8. Use familiar structures for web design in the retail sectorith this we do not mean that you use the samearchitecture as all the websites, but that you do take into account several information locations. To make it really easy for the user to navigate your retail website, use familiar formats.This is about working on small details like the ones we recommend below:

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Take into account the location of the menu . Usually the user looks for the menu at the top or on the left side.Enter search boxes in the upper right corner.Enter the contact information (e-mail, telephone, address, RRSS ..) in the footer of the web.Use a menu tab as a contact.Users have processed certain locations where they find information. For this reason it is familiar and easier for them to be located in these positions. If you keep several of them, like the ones we have previously recommended, it will make your browsing more usable.9. Don’t forget the responsive designOne of the last points that we are going to deal with in this article but it is no less important is responsive design. We currently consult the web from all types of devices and mobile is one of the most used by users. In Spain, more than 40% of web visits come from a mobile device. Therefore, we must have a responsive website, that is, a website adapted to all devices.Currently, almost all the most used CMS templates: WordPress have this functionality available but we must check that our website is perfectly visible on all devices and screen sizes. There are several tools that allow you to check it, the responsinator , Matt Kersley Responsive or Screenqueri are some of them.10. Test test testWe already have our web design ready for the retail sector . However, it is mandatory to test it. It may be that for us it is perfect and easy to use, but we are used to seeing it and we have created it ourselves. In order to correctly verify that our design has the necessary usability we must show it to real users who are not involved with the project. We will see how these users navigate and manage our website, through this we can check if our website has any type of error that we have not seen before.In addition to this, there is also a tool called Yandex in which you can see the recorded sessions of how users browse your website. As good practices, we recommend that sessions be viewed regularly to keep changing and improving web design, making it increasingly usable and intuitive.

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