Video marketing strategy for the retail sector

Today’s consumer opts more for audiovisual content, so it is appropriate to have a video marketing strategy. Whether in the retail sector or in any other, this type of format is more attractive and effective in reaching the audience. According to Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing 2020 report, 86% of people surveyed would like to see more brand videos in 2020. People find it easier and more entertaining to watch content in this format than to read text. In addition, well-crafted audiovisual material is capable of convincing the user to perform a certain action. In addition, they determined that people watch an average of 16 hours of online video per week, which represents an increase of 52% in the last 2 years. For their part, 92% of marketers who use video say that it is an important part of their marketing strategy. Techniques to create your video marketing strategy If you are in the retail sector and you want to make yourself known as a brand and that the public knows what you offer, you have to create content that attracts your target audience. Albania Phone Number List  And as you have seen, the audiovisual format is the most demanded by the audience. For this reason, it is essential that you know how to structure your video marketing strategy, and there are certain techniques that will help you in this task: Many probably skip this step and go straight to creating the video.

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But in any strategy the first thing to do is establish the objectives, since these will allow you to set a goal to be achieved through the content. You will need a video to cover each stage of the marketing funnel, so that you can work on your goals based on each of these: Conscience. This is the phase in which the consumer realizes that they have a problem or need. At this stage, the videos should have the objective of attracting users and presenting your brand to a new audience. Consideration. Here the prospect is considering how to solve his problem. Albania Phone Number List  Start researching, ask for recommendations, search for product reviews … all to find a profitable option. Decision. At this stage in which you are about to purchase the product, your audiovisual content must present to the customer why your product or service should be chosen over your competition. Once you’ve defined your goals, the next thing you need to do is research who your target audience is. If you do not have a specific audience when creating your video marketing strategy, it is much more likely that it will not be effective. To do this, creating a profile of your buyer persona could help you , so that you can develop the personality of your buyer. This takes place when a company is developing its product offerings. In this way, they can meet the consumers who want to buy their product, the same ones you will reach with your video. You just have to think about who your product is for, what is the purpose of your video, where your target audience navigates, etc. With these three aspects you can easily find the right audience. Having established the two main aspects of your strategy, it is time to let your imagination run wild. You have to start thinking of clear ideas about the story you want your video to tell. While it may be fun, it takes a lot of work. You must determine how the detailed narration will be in your video, this is what can make you stand out from the competition in the retail sector. But what should this story contain? that’s a key question and the answer is based on four elements: Protagonist with a goal.

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This character should be able to align with your target demographic. Conflict. It is about the weak point of your client, the one that you must help solve with the offer that you show in the audiovisual material. Search. It is the way in which your product or service is going to be presented. Resolution. Try to show how the product or service solves the customer’s problem or need. When you have already created your content in video format with the story you want to tell your audience, it is time to make it known. Take advantage of your website and include it in it, this will be of great help so that you can attract more traffic to your website. In addition, it increases the chances that Google will mark your site as “good content.” In turn, this will represent an increase in search engine rankings . The good thing in this case is that you can use this audiovisual material as a complement to the texts and images on your page. In the retail sector it is common to see unboxing videos, which are in high demand by users. In them you can see characters with influence on social networks or regular consumers opening packages with the brand’s products. They review the content, test it and test it to give a sample to their viewers.Regardless of the type of products you offer, you can use unboxing videos to your advantage to generate interest in what you sell. In addition, they are ideal to increase the suction effect in all those consumers who are interested. Every day there are more influencers who unbox through the different digital platforms. You can see how many try on the clothes they buy from a certain brand or use beauty products. So this would be an excellent video marketing strategy and you can work under collaborations . New product launches will always be a great opportunity to attract both new buyers and your loyal customers. Here retailers can use video to run attention-grabbing ads before launching new products. Ideally, it should be prior to its arrival on the market. You have the option of generating interest in advance with an enthusiastic video marketing campaign. You may be able to increase the perceived value of the item in the eyes of your customers, which will also increase demand.

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