Video Marketing: Keys in digital marketing strategies

Did you know that video marketing is an essential part of digital marketing strategies for your company? Videos allow you to communicate an idea easily, they have great potential to increase sales and you can take advantage of them to create a trend and position a different brand. Don’t be left behind! Find out here about the countless benefits they offer you and get closer to your digital goals this year.As you well know, marketing is constantly innovating; strategies are dynamic and every day there are new and better ways of doing things. Today, video mobile phone numbers for sale is one of the most useful tools to accelerate the sales process of your entity and create an exceptional positioning. If you wonder why the success of this new strategy, think about it like this: You are at office lunch and you are browsing social networks, would you rather read an article or watch a video? Precisely. According to studies, 59% of executive managers prefer to watch a video than to read a text and 64% of them usually buy the product after watching videos, either on how to use the article, what the service is for or testimonials about it.The truth is that 90% of users believe that videos help in the decision-making process and 80% of users tend to remember a product they saw in a video more than those they saw in a photo in the last 30 days. So, do not hesitate! The statistics do not lie. Whether they are normal videos or lives on social networks, take advantage of them to your advantage!

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If you are still not convinced, then we will tell you more about why they are a key tool to include in your Phone Number List strategies. Pay attention!Schedule a call here1. Seduce your audience Videos are creative and people like the brand insights they often provide. Take advantage of them to further seduce your customers, gain qualified prospects and differentiate yourself from the competition.2. They convey confidencThe plus of videos is that they convey more value to the products and services they offer . People tend to believe more in what they see in a video than what they see in a photo; videos build trust and credibility. Take advantage of this in your favor!3. They retain your audienceUsers are looking for brands that make life easier for them. If you offer videos, you are guaranteeing reduction in their purchase process and, therefore, you will capture their attention much more. 4. Humanize your brandToday people tend to love more human and personal brands . If you share videos you are opening the doors of the company to customers and that will differentiate you from the competition.5. Increase your salesIt has been proven that those marketing strategies where video is the trigger to capture the attention of customers generate many sales than those campaigns that do not take advantage of this tool. So now you know, include videos in your marketing strategy today! If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us, we want to help you be one of the best this 2019! Also, subscribe to our blog for more tips to increase your sales this year. Inbound Marketing Guatemala is already an option, find out what this means! Don’t be left behind.

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