Video game consumer profile: this is how Spanish gamers are

Despite the fact that the profile of the Spanish video game consumer is mostly covered by men, this difference has been reducing significantly in recent years. Women have taken center stage and now represent 20% of consumers .

Normally, the daily hours spent on electronic games range between two and four hours, Estonia Phone Number List   with the general average of days per week being three to five days a week. As a general rule, players move between 25 to 34 years of age. There is no big difference between people with current jobs and college students.

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Currently, there are various platforms for the entertainment of players ,    Estonia Phone Number List  although most choose to play on the computer. Due to its compatibility with other platforms, it is the most popular among young people, covering up to 40% of active users .

32% of gamers are regular consumers of various YouTube channels . The other networks that tend to visit often are Facebook and Instagram, 28% and 17% respectively. Although it seems illogical, a third of gamers do not follow any influencer who participates in competitions, gives advice for games or broadcasts via streaming .

How the profile of Spanish video game consumption has evolved
Spanish video game consumer profile

Long ago, when talking about a person who was fond of video games, the idea that one had was that of a geek man , locked in his parents’ basement, with many games and totally asocial.

It is currently the opposite. Most gamers prefer to play with friends when it comes to competitive games . The conventions have made sure that the meetings between various fans are given periodically.

The well-known esports have brought the video games beyond seeing them through the screens. Now, they are a phenomenon that move millions of euros and viewers throughout the world.

The games have been transformed into social events where full stadiums can be filled to see the finals of any video game live . These championships range from national games, with local coverage, to intercontinental tournaments watched live around the world.

How do you explain the sudden growth in video game sales?
Video game sales growth

Due to months of lockdown due to the global coronavirus pandemic, companies have seized the opportunity to reach a large number of new users . Many brands have managed to beat their own records throughout 2020.

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More and more people are venturing into the gamer world as a way of entertainment and relief from the daily stress . Word of mouth, with phrases like “if you’re bored at home, buy yourself a console,” or “why don’t you download this game and we’ll play it with the others?” have helped increase sales .

It is estimated that 6 out of 10 people with Internet access play a video game. This figure may vary depending on the country you are talking about.The country where video games are most popular is Indonesia, with a popularity rating of 87% .

The trend now in Spain are PC gamers, with an infinity of classic or new games from different platforms, installed on the computer. They have around 5 intensive programs dedicated to them. In Spain, the incidence of video games remains at a solid 65% of the population gamer and is increasing.

What is the platform where the Spanish video game consumer plays the most?
Smartphone: platform most used by the Spanish video game consumer

In Spain there are many platforms dedicated to online games. The options are several, but few are those that bring together the majority of players and hours of play.

Most consumers of video games in Spanish play through their smartphones , which is quite different from the idea of ​​the typical static gamer in a chair. You can dynamically take games anywhere, especially those games that require you to leave home to complete or upgrade.

Daily playing time is an average of 2 hours for the most part, only 10% of the Spanish gamers get to play much more than 5 hours a day.

Profile of the ages of Spanish video game consumers
By the end of 2020, the number of gamers in Spain reached a little more than 14 million players. In other words, 40% of the total population of Spain plays at least one video game.

The percentage of age that most uses video games is found in young people between 11 and 14 years old, a total of 77% . The next highest percentage is for children between the ages of 6 and 10, with a total of 75%. For those who are between 15 and 24 years old, it drops to 66% and almost half among those who are between 25 and 34 years old.

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It is evident that as the years go by, interest in video games is losing. Before it was unusual for an older adult to have even one. Some studies have indicated that 35% of adults between 35 and 44 years old are still fond of video games .

Platforms, like computers, take 23%, 8 million) of the total population. For their part, consoles and smartphones account for 20% (7 million). The sales of the games are given in equal parts, both physical and online, with around 7 million users buying these items. The mobile applications have about 6 million players.

Most popular games: Candy Crush and FIFA
Candy crush

The Spanish video game consumer plays, especially Candy Crush. Exactly 27% of users. It is the most popular in this country, with a large number of users. The success of the game is due to the ease of use it offers . It generates a lot of participation because it is both an individual and a competitive game. In addition, it is accessible for almost any mobile device or tablet.

For a country as passionate about football as Spain, it is logical that one of the most popular games is FIFA. The number of total players exceeds 23%, mainly due to the interest that the population has in competitions such as the League or the King’s Cup.

Thus, it is shown that 60% of the people who follow the matches of the teams in their environment play FIFA , including also real sport players. A very favorable synergy has been created for fans of both worlds, and all from the hand of esports.

The third place is for Call of Duty, a game created by the Activision company. The success comes thanks to the good reception of its latest release, with a completely open game mode. The popular application Call of Duty Mobile also helps, which has long been among the top of the most downloaded games for Smartphone.

Other striking data on the profile of the Spanish video game consumer
New players take things more seriously. For example, PC gamers seek to constantly repower their computers or buy the latest ones that have been released .

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The ideal station for a gamer PC has a powerful tower, two or three monitors, special mouse and keyboard for gamers, headphones or speakers and, of course, a perfect gaming chair to spend hours in it.

So high is the impact, that new professions derived from games have been created. The most common profile is that of ” content creators ” , who are dedicated to playing live and giving advice to their followers .

The “technical directors for each game” also stand out . These have been elite players who sell their knowledge through personalized classes. The most popular are the “ strearmers ”, who are dedicated to playing live and chatting with the people who see them.

Profile of the Spanish video game consumer according to Hotwire
Spanish video game consumer

According to a study carried out by Hotwire Brand Monitor, the profile of the Spanish video game consumer has been constant in Spain. And it is that the vast majority of Spanish gamers turn out to be men, aged between 25 and 35 years .

In general, their interests, apart from video games, are comics and anime (14%), drawing and art (14%) and music (13%). Likewise, the director of Digital Brand Lab at Hotwire, Ana López, indicates that “they consume a multitude of streaming content; in music, they opt for Spotify; in series / movies, by Netflix; in live broadcasts, on Twitch ” .

The gamer community is one of the most active in digital media . And it is that, on the most important dates of the year, such as Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas campaigns, it is when video games are more receptive in this digital world.

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