Users tend to be wary of direct mail from brands.

At the end of the day, it is interesting information and, therefore, they do not consider it too reliable. However, when this information comes from the hand of other users, the response is usually very positive . From a marketing point of view, there is nothing more powerful than verifying from the mouth of another customer that a service or product has worked for them. Above all, if the channel used to spread it is social networks . Since these are the first place users go to find opinions and information about a brand before making a decision about it. Infographics are especially common in all companies in the technology sector. They have a great communicative value since they offer relevant data in a visual way. Therefore, they are highly effective in transmitting to users the most technical aspects of a product or service.  telephone list usa  Although infographics have been used for years, some have gone one step further and create animated infographics to convey their content. These are short clips of 1 or 2 minutes that offer the same data as traditional infographics . However, now they do it with animations that help bring the statistics to life and allow users to better understand said data.


Also, enlivened with music to give them more emotion . They are very effective because they allow the viewer to be guided in a more attractive and entertaining way. Not only do they allow you to present numbers and data in a visual and fun way, but they also allow you to tell a story with them. Another of the most common forms of digital video advertising for the technology sector is animated explanatory videos.  UAE Phone Number List  These allow to present the product, service or technological solution in a fun and digestible format for a very wide audience. Instead of having to read a long text about how a product works, users can find out how a product works in 2 minutes. As it is short and attractive content, it is much more likely to retain the attention of viewers throughout the playback and they will be able to retain a greater amount of information. Without a doubt, making digital video advertising for the technology sector is one of the best decisions that a company of these characteristics can make. Not only because video is the best-selling format today. But because it allows adapting content that would otherwise be complex and adapting it to a more massive audience. Do you want to reach a targeted audience through video ads in Brand Safe environments across Europe and America? Antevenio can help you connect your brand with your potential customers on an emotional level.

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