User experience: what it is and how to improve it

The user experience and user experience ( UX, for its acronym in English) has become a must in any digital marketing strategy . It is not surprising, therefore, that you are increasingly hearing this new way of expressing a series of improvements that can result in web usability.But all these actions aimed at optimizing the user experience have different edges that can be worked to achieve the goals we want on our website and that can be directed to conversion or other business KPIs.But what is the user experience ? We will tell you below some of the keys so that you understand what it is for and what advantages can implement these phone numbers database free download improvements bring.Improve user experienceWhat is the User experience?Many times we confuse the web user experience with usability, so we are going to define both concepts to see the difference:Usability : The ease with which the user finds what they are interested in or looking for within a website.UX : Set of elements or factors that favor the generation of the achievement of micro or macro objectives within a web.infographic about user experience what isTips to improve the web user experienceThe first thing you should ask yourself is what type of user is your buyer persona , taking into account different aspects such as demographic data, geographical data or even the type of technology they use (mobile, desktop, tablet).


Depending on the navigation depth of your web page, you can visualize which are the ideal routes for the user to end up converting and promoting that route in several ways: shortening the steps of it, adding China Phone Number List , among others. These CTAs or calls to action must be placed in key places where they are easily visible to the user and are not annoying when browsing.Read more : How to use SEO in your marketing strategies for beauty salons Design improvements for good navigation When designing the web page you must take into account several basic key points:Use a clear and concise structure .Create comfortable browsing .Use a Responsive Web design .Monitor the loading time of your website Find a balance of colors .Simple forms that avoid asking for unnecessary data.These points are essential for the improvement of the user experience of any website, regardless of whether the final conversion is for a service provision or ecommerce business .User Experience DesignKeep in mind the laws of GestaltThe Gestalt laws are a series of rules that can be very beneficial when it comes to planning your web design and UX strategy, since these are related and explain the perceptions that the user has through their sensory stimuli with the forms and colors.

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There are multiple particular rules that are based on two general rules: the law of good form and the law of figure and substance . In this article we are going to focus on citing some of the particular laws:Law of Contrast: A shape is better perceived the greater the contrast between the background and the figure.Law of Hierarchy: A form is better perceived the more main and less accessory it is interpreted by the mind.Birkhoff’s Law: A shape is better perceived the more axes it has.Memory Law: A shape is better perceived the more times it has been seen.Law of Closure: A form is better perceived the more closed it is. If an outline is not completely closed, the mind tends to close it.Law of Continuity: A form is better perceived the more continuous it is. If the pattern is broken, the mind tends to continue it.Law of Proximity: Isolated elements, but with some closeness, tend to be considered as groups.Law of Symmetry: Isolated elements, but with some symmetry, tend to be considered as groups.Law of Similarity: Isolated elements, but with some similarity, tend to be considered as groups.Common Movement Law: Isolated elements, but with common movement, tend to be considered as groups.Topological Invariance Law: A good shape resists the deformations to which it is subjected.Masking Law: A good form resists the disturbances to which it is subjected.Strategy for good user experienceConclusionsTo conclude, we could say that each website is different and, therefore, the objective to be achieved as well , that is why each website must have its own identity and help the user to make that final conversion as easy as possible. In addition to everything explained above, it is also important to carry out tests segmented by type of user since this will help us to better understand what is the most optimal for our project . Can you think of any way to improve the user experience of your website to guarantee correct navigation for your users? Let us know in the comments!

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