Two other essential elements to manage a website as a sales tool are ERP and CRM software .

The ERP is the system in charge of managing the online store that is responsible for: On the other hand, the CRM is in charge of customer management . That is, it helps you manage and improve your sales based on your relationship with your customers. It is the medium that provides the information and functionalities necessary to carry out your digital marketing campaigns and increase your profits. CRM is an essential part of any ecommerce as it allows you to establish more lasting and solid relationships with your customers in the long term. Thanks to it, you will be able to better understand the needs of each client and implement effective and personalized marketing actions to increase sales. Customer acquisition and loyalty Of course, for a website to work as a sales tool it is necessary to have a good strategy for attracting and retaining customers. It is useless to have the best ecommerce if you are not visible to others. So it is also vitally important to carry out an SEO positioning strategy, to be among the first positions of the results and to get traffic and sales . That social networks are an important part of people’s lives today is an indisputable idea. But it is also that, for brands, they are the main channel of communication with their customers . buy mobile phone number lists   Therefore, to increase the reach of the brand and improve the sales of an ecommerce, social networks are the springboard to success. It is not about being there.

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It is about choosing which are the networks in which your market niche is located and having a presence in them. Social networks will help you attract customers, retain existing ones, carry out content marketing campaigns, remarketing, offer customer service, etc. In short, you will be able to establish a close and two-way relationship with your audience, which will guarantee you a better online reputation and, Phone Number List   therefore, higher sales. One of the best ways to attract traffic and use your website as a sales tool is to run SEM campaigns . These are paid a ds based on keyword bids . Their biggest advantage is that they help you get visibility in a short time . Google Adwords is one of the most used services to advertise online and appear on the results page with an ad. You cannot forget emailing in your ecommerce if you want to start a website as a sales tool. Email marketing is the best ally for any online store . It is one of the best means to attract customers, communicate with them, retain them and improve your brand image. A good content strategy and email marketing is the perfect combination to increase sales. You can send newsletters, promotions, discounts and information to your customers. Its great success lies in its segmentation power , which allows making relevant and appropriate shipments to each client based on their needs. At Antevenio we know how to anticipate today to create strategies that guarantee success in your ecommerce. In addition, we are specialists in performance marketing and we can help you achieve your goals .

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