Twitter Every day more like Facebook?

Last Updated January 8th, 2020 at 10:09 amSince the night of Monday, July 20, Twitter carried out an action that involved all the timelines of its users: launching a redesign in the accounts, where, obviously, the wallpapers that each person had uploaded were eliminated. profile according to your personal interests and tastes; backgrounds that were replaced by a light gray that, at first glance, gives uniformity to the profiles within this platform.However, this action is not final. uk mobile number directory left the option to return to the old background in the Profile Settings section, but we do not doubt that soon this option will disappear completely.At the moment, the profile background can only be seen on pages where a single tweet is displayed, list pages and collection pages. Despite the foregoing, only those people who are registered in this social network will have “access” to these views with personalized backgrounds.The foregoing makes us think that the main objective for Twitter is to give greater importance to the published content and, at the same time, to diminish the prominence of the shapes and colors that we predestined as the background for our profiles at the time.It is then that the question arises: Twitter Is each day more like Facebook?


As we well know, the design of this platform has undergone transformations since last year, giving more and more importance to visual content (photos and videos) that every day becomes more relevant within the digital field. As on Facebook, for some time now, on the 140 character platform, UK Phone Number List can be uploaded and different friends tagged within the photos published in the form of a tweet .The above, added to the now new change in the design of the profiles, make it a platform much more similar to Facebook, a situation that should not take us by surprise since, as we already know, the content that generates the most engagement is that of visual nature.Short text messages that do not have images are more likely to go unnoticed in relation to those messages that are accompanied by an image or video.Example of tweets with photos:emoji daylove winsExample of tweets without photos:tricks to make the battery last longer 4 useful functionsCommunications in the digital world point to a path where audiovisual content will continue to be predominant.Therefore, the recommendation from MD Agencia Social Media is that you join this trend if you want to generate the greatest amount of interactions within the Social Networks of your brands.I hope this article has been useful to you. We will read soon and next time!

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