Trends: Digital Marketing will continue its rapid growth

2009 is likely to be a difficult year for many companies and will largely depend on how the current global economic slowdown unfolds. However, Digital Marketing looks set to continue its rapid growth.In relation to this, it is important to know some of the most significant trends and changes that will affect businesses and companies that operate and australia mobile no through the internet and that in turn use digital marketing and allocate a large part of their budgets to develop their strategies marketing and online advertising.Strange Corp, a consulting firm specializing in digital marketing, analyzed some of these marketing trends for 2009. Therefore, it will be interesting to know and highlight some of the most important ones.Keyword inflation will continue Advertisers’ need to improve the effectiveness and possibility of their advertising spend will be more noticeable and intense. Increased competition and as the budget for advertising and online marketing strategies move to the digital sector, the market will become increasingly crowded and may experience an inflation of advertising costs based on the CPC or cost per click model. .Optimization will be the key to conversion In the event of this inflation occurring, the conversion rates will have to improve to keep the CPA at the same level. Something that advertisers should strive to find solutions that can actually improve their return on investment (ROI) by using resources to improve search optimization, greater display of advertising or strategies based on affiliate marketing and email marketing.


Consumers’ savings will change their behavior on the network Coinciding with the vision and predictions of Geoff Ramsey, CEO and co-founder of e- Australia Phone Number List , E-commerce and online shopping will experience lower growth mainly due to the fact that the economic situation is producing a great change in the behavior of consumers. consumers who will tend to reduce their purchasing actions or to constantly search for offers and promotions.This will undoubtedly lead companies and brands that market through the internet to optimize the prices of their services and include special promotions for which, advertising and digital marketing strategies will be extremely important.Creativity will be a vital and necessary factorAlthough this may be more than obvious and obvious, it should be noted that digital marketing will continue to rely heavily on creativity to achieve its goals. Good creativity is positioned as an essential element to ensure that advertising is really effective and attractive at the same time as facilitating the proper use, access and navigation of the websites that carry out commercial activities.The importance of using this creativity to know how to communicate and generate a good impact and affinity with the brand will undoubtedly continue to be an important aspect and a key element that directly affects all online marketing channels and, therefore, the return of the investment.The purchase of the CPA will be negotiatedThe purchasing model based on CPA (cost per share / acquisition) will become the most widely traded model. The largest online advertisers already allocate more than 50% of their budget spending on this advertising model where the direct response is more important than the branding or brand positioning actions, therefore the advertisers who seek to use this will increase considerably. model.

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In relation to this, other advertising models such as CPM or CPC will continue to have a defined purpose but for large advertisers the CPA will continue to be the first choice.Qualitative analysis will have a greater emphasisDespite the fact that the debate created around the confidentiality of the data, trends and actions of the users will continue to generate different opinions and controversies, the truth is that the importance of knowing certain aspects and user data will help to improve the results of the different marketing and online marketing strategies.Therefore, it is more than likely that there will be a strong growth in the use of qualitative data for analysis either through user surveys, questionnaires via email, internal search analysis, user complaints. , etc … that help improve and optimize the return on investment.Mobile advertising will flourishDespite the fact that for a long time mobile marketing has been talked about without too many symptoms that this sector will finally take off, the truth is that the forecasts for this sector indicate that the industry and companies are beginning to take into account this support and communication medium. to develop your advertising and marketing strategies.The latest events and new products within this industry such as Smartphones such as the iPhone 3G, BlackBerry Storm and G1 will be decisive for its growth in addition to improving the usability and user experience in favor of greater use of the mobile Internet.In this regard, companies like Google are moving rapidly to develop, exploit and control mobile advertising, by dictating the platforms and mechanisms we use to navigate the Web on our smartphones, while taking advantage of the mobile wireless spectrum.

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Increase in local searchesSearch engines, browsers and hardware manufacturers will continue to pay special attention to local searches and mainly for several important reasons: Because their results are more relevant, Advertising can be targeted with greater precision, and it offers the possibility of accessing Additional inventories that facilitate and increase the possibilities of sales at the local level, compared to results at the regional or national level.Social media Marketing and User Generated ContentA recent study developed by Universal McCann indicated that only 14% of users maintained their confidence in online advertising, while 78% trusted the recommendations of other consumers. This highlights something that many online marketers have known for a while: User-generated content can be very beneficial.Companies and advertisers clearly agree that social media and content that serve to start a conversation with customers are positioned as preferences within the most prominent marketing strategies for 2009.Marketing in social media provides great advantages and the possibility of promoting and enhancing the presence of our company or brand in addition to directing our message to potential clients and segmented audiences. That is why now more than ever, companies, advertisers and marketers realize that marketing is directly linked to conversing with customers and increasing the visibility of our business.According to some of the data from the aforementioned study, 73% of users read online publications and 36% think more positively about the brands that are being talked about. We could continue, but suffice it to say that social media is here to stay and if we do not take advantage of the advantages they offer us, we will be losing a great opportunity.

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