Trends and opportunities in event marketing mark the technical conferences of event

Clients and space providers discuss trends, new formats, loyalty and creativity in eventsThe role of the purchasing manager closes the round table cycle of Event To what extent are so many intermediaries necessary in organizing an event? What services should an event space offer? What role does technology play in the current context of events? What is, currently, the role of the purchasing manager in the current context of economic crisis? These and other questions have been answered this morning in the context of the Event Technical Conference, the event of events, which closes its second edition this afternoon at the Ifema fairgrounds.’Trends and new formats in events. Loyalty and profitability ‘, clients and suppliers of event spaces have discussed the trends in the event and conference online phone directory australia throughout the morning. In this sense, Ana Hícar, Deputy Director of MICE at NH Hoteles, Inmaculada Moya, Director of the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga, Rafael Romero, Alternative Channel Manager Healthcare Division of Siemens, and David Magbonlé, Marketing Coordinator of Carestream Health, have contributed his professional vision in the current context.Each and every one of the intermediaries in the organization of an event should join forces and be transparent to pursue the same objective. This has been one of the conclusive keys to the debate. In this line, Ana Hícar from NH has emphasized that “the best is transparency, especially if the client does not reach the goal” and has remarked that “there are so many intermediaries that communication between them and common meetings are basic ”. In this regard, Rafael Romero, from Siemens, stated that: “on many occasions, the objectives of our intermediaries are not the same as ours and this is the source of many problems.” Along these lines, David Magbonlé from Carestream Health, reflected on the attendance of the congressmen, for example, during the first day of the congress to the organized sessions and non-attendance during the following days. “On the second and third day of the congress they decide to visit the city where they are. Why not propose a mix of both to achieve success? ”.

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The spaces for events, Australia Phone Number List , congresses, etc. They follow various policies and guidelines regarding the services they offer. In this sense, Inmaculada Moya, from the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga, commented that the client can contract the services directly with the palace and that its policy of action is based on flexibility: “sometimes, the organizer centralizes all the services and sometimes it gives us wide sleeves so we can act. In our case, for example, we are very flexible with regard to suppliers, we have a single catering provider that is integrated into the organization of the palace. But we do not work exclusively with the rest of the suppliers ”.Regarding the role of technology, all the members of the round table agreed that it is a complement, not a threat. Therefore, the possibility of convergence between face-to-face vs virtual events should not be lost sight of.WHAT ROLE DOES THE PURCHASING MANAGER PLAY?Atomization, slowdown, disunity and volatility: these are, broadly speaking, the characteristics that describe the current state of the events sector in our country; criteria that have served as the starting point for the last presentation developed in Event.Under the title of “The role of the purchasing manager”, professionals in the sector have discussed aspects of essential importance, such as the selection criteria that prevail when choosing one or another agency or the mechanisms for quality comparison in the projects presented.Enrique de la Lama, Manager of Planning and Control at Orange, began his speech by highlighting the aspects that, in his opinion, are essential: “an event is not a mere act of celebration; more professionalism is demanded. For our part, when choosing a supplier, we focus on aspects such as whether they are well-known companies, from which we ask for references, and their financial solvency. ” For his part, Agustín Pérez Delgado, Microsoft’s Purchasing Director, specified that “the selection of an agency should not be based on cost, but on a prior satisfactory experience.” In a conclusive way, Mónica Sáinz, from Bankinter established what, from her company, they seek when opting for one or another provider, and that is extensible, all the speakers ratified, to many other companies, Whether they are in the banking sector or not: the profile of the selected agency stands out for being a company that carries out comprehensive service management, with quality and at a reasonable price. All this, without relegating a stable financial base and manifest creativity to the background.

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