Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing: why traditional doesn’t work digitally?

Learn why Digital Marketing strategies are far exceeding those developed by Traditional Marketing during the Internet eraOne of the errors that occur most frequently in companies that start their actions in Digital Cyprus Phone Number List is to face it in the same way as Traditional Marketing, trying to “push” the message of the product to as many people as possible, whether they are interested. or not.Companies act like this because that is the environment in which today’s professionals were created. We are used to seeing Marketing that way and, mainly, we tend to believe that it is very effective.This traditional model really worked very well for a long time, based on one premise: the message of the company is presented through the interruption . The propaganda on TV or on the radio interrupts your favorite program. The ad in the magazine takes up one page and cuts your reading. Call center operators interrupt your tasks during the day.Going further, even the pamphlet dispensers take advantage of a disruption in traffic. There are an infinity of diverse examples. In this model, the greater the number of people reached at one time, the more expensive that interruption will be.


In traditional media, the target of the action – the consumer – does not have the power not to be addressed by propaganda. If it did, most would choose not to be interrupted.The problem with Traditional Cyprus Phone Number List is that it has not accompanied the changes in the habits of the population. Just as local sales and door-to-door contact were overtaken by propaganda when the mass media arrived, that disruption marketing model was superseded and makes no sense on the Internet .On the Internet, people choose what content they want to consume, when they want to consume it and how they want to consume it. Here it is much more difficult for a brand to interrupt someone and get their attention. It is becoming more expensive and less effective to do marketing solely through the purchase of advertising.In this way, there is no more room to try to interrupt your audience to convey your message. On the Internet you need to create relevant content and be the attraction. If your website is just one more channel trying to “push” the product and has no relevance to the public, a single and quick click will always be available to anyone who wants to leave your page.The advantage of all this for small and medium-sized companies is that, with Digital Marketing, they have all the conditions to compete as equals with large companies, unlike what happens with Traditional Marketing. This is so because in the age of social networks , as we said, the boss is no longer the one with the most money, but the one who offers quality content .

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