Top 7 of the most viewed streamers on Twitch Spain

Do you know who the most viewed streamers are on Twitch ? This is one of the fastest growing platforms in recent years thanks to the fact that it is clearly focused on video game broadcasts .

Although its biggest rival is YouTube, its popularity is due to the fact that the most influential YouTubers broadcast on both platforms. Therefore,    Croatia Phone Number List    it is important to know which are the 7 most viewed streamers on Twitch.

These gaming influencers have built their fame for several years on YouTube, with accounts that have millions of followers and countless views on their videos.

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In addition,    Croatia Phone Number List      this fame transcends the continent and they are very loved in many countries in South America. So much so, that they are invited to conventions and events in Spain and in other countries.

These streamers have won the hearts of millions of fans for their striking personalities, charming charisma, and dedication to the content they post. They do passionate work that generates a very good income from the years they have invested in building their reputation.

They find the balance between interesting content, empathizing with the public and, at the same time, working with various platforms, doing marketing and being exposed to criticism. Either way, they love what they do and leave it all in their broadcasts every day.
These are the 7 most viewed streamers on Twitch Spain
Here the accounts of the most viewed streamers on Twitch Spain that have remained at the top of popularity on YouTube for years are compared , and they have transferred that fame to Twitch, increasing their number of followers on all their platforms.

1.- Ibai
Ibai: Twich streamer

Born in Bilbao in 1995, Ibai Llanos began his career as a League of Legens game commentator during the game’s seventh season. It has remained in the world of video games ever since.

It also gained popularity for broadcasting matches from different divisions in the Spanish league , including a broadcast of the Spanish classic.

In early 2020, quit sports storytelling to become a full-time content creator. He joins the G2 esports team, a house totally dedicated to the world of video games and shares work with Ander Cortés, Reven and Ernesto BarbeQ Folch, all content creators.

In his first year as a streamer he achieved total success. His comments and charisma led him to be number one among the most viewed streamers in Spain . It surpassed Auronplay by almost 50% of the hours of reproduction in Twitch, with the fact that Ibai almost doubles the hours of transmission.

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2.- AuronPlay
Most viewed streamers on Twitch: AuronPlay

Known as one of the most famous youtuber around the world for his videos, hilarious comments and thousands of memes on the net, Raúl Álvarez, from Badalona, ​​is a public figure thanks to his YouTube channel created at the beginning of 2006, being one of the pioneers in this field.

One of his first jobs was in a graphic arts workshop, which he later left to dedicate himself full-time to being a content creator.

This streamer built his fame thanks to his channel where he uploads gameplay content from various games , where he shares his opinion on almost any topic with a humorous touch. He is a blogger par excellence and has also written two autobiographies and created theatrical monologues.

All that fame that preceded him took advantage of it to be one of the most seen on Twitch , even with far fewer hours of transmission than most. His 27 million YouTube subscribers support him no matter what.

3.- ElrubiusOMG

His real name is Rubén Doblas Gudersen, he is the most popular youtuber in Spain with almost 40 million subscribers on the platform. His videos have reached more than 7 billion views since its inception in 2006 , being another of the most viewed streamers on Twitch Spain.
The Malaga native also has more than 8 million followers on Twitch who watch him from all over the world.
Although its popularity is not only limited to gameplays, which is what most of its content on the networks is about . He currently resides in Madrid and has also participated in beverage campaigns and has his own comic called Virtual Hero, which will soon be broadcast on television as an anime series.
The games in which he develops his gameplays are Minecraft, Playerunknow’s Battlegrounds, The Elder Scrolls, V: Skyrim and Fortnite. During a tournament in 2018 he managed to become the most watched streamer in Spanish-speaking history to date .
Currently, all streamers are playing Egoland, a Rust game for content creators only, in which The Rubius is one of the ones with the highest number of views.
4.- TheGrefg
Most viewed strearmers on Twitch: TheGrefg

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The native of Alhama Murcia, Cánovas Martínez, called by all his followers as TheGrefg or Grefg. At just 23 years old, he is one of the stars best known by the Spanish-speaking gamer community.

His popularity began when Activision invited him to E3 to play Call of Duty at the age of 18. This is due to his YouTube channel, which he had just created in 2012, but which still showed the talent he had for the game.

He won the affection of his followers for being very didactic during his games in any game , as well as the intelligence he showed to play them. His most popular games are Call of Duty, Minecraft, Fortnite and, currently, he focuses a lot on playing Egoland as well.

It has more than 16 million subscribers on YouTube and its transmissions on Twitch reach more than 200 thousand viewers .

5.- TopGamersAcademy

Even though it’s not about one person, Top Gamers Academy is a reality show about esports . It is broadcast in a summarized and censored form on Spanish television and completely free on Twitch , forming part of the most viewed streamers on Twitch Spain.
Hosted by Jordi Cruz, this program unfolds around 21 contestants who must perform in Play Station 4 games and mobile devices. For 8 weeks they will compete in various games of Fortnite, GTA and Clash Royale. The winners of the week are safe, while the other two teams can lose one of their members by public vote.
Of all the other streamers most watched on Twitch Spain, TGA is by far the one that broadcasts the most , almost quadrupling the hours compared to the others in this top, with more than 700 hours.

6.- FolagorLives

In addition to Folagor03, it also comes under various names such as Fola, Folagor04, Folagoro, Folagorra, Colador03 or Cola. His real name is Yoel Ramírez Pulido, born in the capital of Spain. He is currently 26 years old and started with a YouTube account at 16 years old.

He started by uploading games of Call of Duty with his friends, but currently most of the content he uploads is from Pokémon in many versions .
When it comes to broadcasting on Twitch, he has a more extensive fan, he plays Super Mario Maker, Fortnite, Resident Evil, GTA and Minecraft every day without fail.
This dedication and perseverance have placed him among the most watched streamers on Twitch, accompanied by his more than 4 million YouTube followers and “live” , with almost 20 thousand viewers.
7.- Reborn_Live
Reborn Live
He is known by two names, Reborn Live or Superintendent Conway. His real name is a mystery and only his face is known . Although he has had a good time on the Twitch platform, it wasn’t until he came across Auroplay playing SpainRP that he became popular.

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He is fascinated by Roleplay games like GTA. In them he goes out of his way developing stories that attract a lot of the attention of his followers.
During his broadcasts on Twitch, in addition to demonstrating his skills in any game, he always takes a good time to thank his audience for joining him , bombarding them with messages of affection.
He is not the most popular on YouTube, his account barely has more than a million subscribers, but on Twitch he has reached almost 120 thousand viewers. His stories have been so good that he is working on his own book, which his fans are looking forward to.
The favorite games of the most watched streamers on Twitch
Twitch’s popularity grew exponentially thanks to the global pandemic. Even many games appeared out of nowhere and focused on them, such as Among Us, managing to attract all kinds of audiences.
Fortnite stayed in the Top Five throughout the Year. Warzone had a very special reception from the gamer community and placed second. League of Legends in its eleventh season continues to be one of the most played games around the world.
On the other hand, Valorant , from the same League of Legends company, has shown that he is also up to the task. Also classic games like Counter Strike, GTA V, Minecraft and World of Warcraft are played by streamers very regularly. But lately the streamers have opted for Egolang or Among Us.
You already know everything about which streamers are most watched on Twitch Spain, now is the time to create a strategy for you to connect with these people.
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