Top 12 of the most viewed streamers in the world

To analyze which are the most viewed streamers in the world, it is necessary to know exactly what is being referred to when talking about a streamer.

The world of gaming has revolutionized everything to such an extent that now there are tools and means to broadcast different content live.  Hong Kong Phone Number List  This is where the concept of “ streamer ” arises, which derives from the anglicized “ streaming ” and refers to the person who shares audio and video in real time .

To do high-quality work, like that done by the world’s most watched streamers, it is necessary to have the following components:

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A good setup that usually includes:
A fairly powerful computer equipment, with quality cameras and accompanied by improved audio systems.
Internet connection.
Streaming software such as OBS Studio .
Software for  Hong-Kong Phone Number List editing other content, generally audiovisual: Filmora, Adobe Premiere, …
Channel to broadcast the live streams : Twitch , YouTube Play, …
You have to generate original content so that your audience is interested in you.
The voice plays a fundamental role in this area.
You have to be constant and maintain a fixed schedule so that your followers know at all times when you are live.
You must show how you are naturally because they will not only see you for the content you offer, but for who and how you are.
Twitch, the great channel for streamers
Twitch is the largest live streaming platform in the world. From the beginning it emerged to broadcast video games but currently you can upload other types of content, such as music and talks.

This platform was one of the first to go live and is currently the most used by almost all gamers. It has the following characteristics that make it the most attractive for the audience and streamers:

Possibility to follow and send messages as a spectator or content creator.
A good interaction thanks to the individual rooms of each user.
The platform offers you great facilities to discover new channels.
Great variety of content.
Many ways to earn money through donations, subscriptions, branded collaborations, advertisements …
Statistics available for your channel
If you are going to bet on streaming it is important that you understand what are the main metrics that you must take into account in order to subsequently be able to monetize your efforts. These are some of the most common:

Average number of viewers : It is calculated by calculating the number of viewers at each moment of the live.
Live views: Total views of the live broadcast.
Tracking : The number of people who have followed your channel in a given time.
Subscriptions : An important part of this platform and with the help of the graph you will be able to see more information about the subscription: level, Amazon prime , …
Income : Through the graph you can see the breakdown of each source.
Maximum viewers : The maximum number of viewers at the same time.
Chat messages : Total number of messages sent by the audience.
Clips Created : Total number of clips created from your broadcast.
Discover the Top 12 of the most viewed streamers in the world on Twitch
The world of gaming and esports is very changeable. Therefore, making a list of the most viewed streamers in the world is not easy, basically because it will depend on the channels that are analyzed and, above all, on the dates on which it is analyzed.

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Thus, the 12 most viewed streamers in the world as of March 2021 according to Twitchtracker data are:
World’s Most Viewed Streamers: TOMMYINNIT
Tommyinnit is a 16-year-old streamer who has amassed 40.2 million views in the last 30 days. This has allowed it to position itself in the first position of the most viewed on this platform. In addition, his latest broadcasts have attracted more than 500,000 followers.

streamer began directing at the end of 2018 where he played various games. But he became known thanks to the collaborations he made in Minecraft with Dream SMP. The content they generate with this game can vary but they often use Minecraft mods and mods to explore the piracy universe with their friend Tubbo.


QuackityHQ is the second of the most viewed streamers in the world. He is 20 years old and has 18.5 million total views in the last 30 days. Thanks to these data, it has achieved the second position after 11.7 hours of transmission.

This Mexican streamer became known for holding competitions on Discord , an instant messaging service for voice, video and text chat. Here it has more than 400,000 members and organizes competitions such as Discord Got Talent and Discord PhotoShop Hunger Games.

World’s Most Viewed Streamers: GEORGENOTFOUND

GeorgeNotFound is a 24-year-old streamer who has achieved this third position thanks to his 12.5 million total views in the last 30 days. He has been live for 10.8 hours which has allowed him to get 297,000 followers

This Twich star was born on November 1, 1996 in England. He rose to fame thanks to the Minecraft videos and formed a group with other players (YouTube Dream Team).

He also does live playing Among Us, the game in fashion among content creators, very similar to the classic “ the killer ”.


Karl Jacobs ranks fourth on this list of the world’s most viewed streamers. With 22 years of age, he has achieved 14.7 million total visits thanks to the direct of this last month. Thus, in 18.4 hours of streaming he has gained more than 500,000 followers

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This Twich star is best known for collaborating with Mr Beast , an American youtuber focused on showing tricks and challenges in exchange for money. His main content is Minecraft and he often runs campaigns to appear on the reality show Survivor through his Tik Tok account .


Wilbursoot is a 24-year-old streamer who has amassed 12.3 million total views in the last 30 days. During this time, he has broadcast live for 7.3 hours and has amassed 173,000 followers.

This well-known content creator is best known for being the leader and publisher of the ScootHouse YouTube channel. Its main content is GeoGuessr and Minecraft. In the latter he participated in the private DreamSMP server. He has also released an album on Spotify and has done some viral parody.

World’s Most Viewed Streamers: ROCKETLEAGUE

Rocket League is a well-known content creator who broadcast for 88.4 hours in the last month which has led him to be on this list of the world’s most viewed streamers.
Their content is exclusively focused on Rocket League where they organize competitions. Thanks to his live performances with this video game, he has achieved 300,000 new followers to occupy the sixth position on this list.
World’s Most Viewed Streamers: AUSTINSHOW
Austin Show is a well-known Twitch streamer who earned 38.6 million total views for his talk and date shows. It broadcast for 16.9 hours and managed to attract 143,000 followers in this month of March 2021.
This content creator was born in 1993 in the United States and has achieved fame on this platform for hosting various talk and dating shows on his channel. In addition to this, he is a content creator for the lifestyle brand and organization 100 thieves games.
Ranboolive is another well-known 17-year-old streamer who has managed to rank 8th on the list of the world’s most viewed streamers with 23.8 million total views.
During the last 30 days, he has broadcast 95.3 hours to attract more than 400,000 followers for his Twitch channel.

It is a content creator for Twitch where he mainly does direct from Minecraft. Thanks to them, he has created a fan base of more than 2 million.

He started in this business in September 2020 and became one of the fastest growing channels on the platform.
World’s Most Viewed Streamers: XQCOW
xQcOW is a 25 year old streamer who has broadcast for 370.8 hours. Thanks to so many hours of streaming, it has achieved this ninth position with 306 million total visits.
This content creator has 8 million followers and in the last month, according to data provided by TwitchTracker, it has attracted more than 250,000 followers.
This streamer is a former professional player of Overwatch, a first-person shooter game. Thanks to his skills, he won the World Cup in 2017 and was elected MVP of the competition. He currently broadcasts varieties of games such as GTA5 and Valorant for Canadian esports organization Luminosity Gaming.
Most viewed streamers in the world: AURONPLAY
Auronplay is a 32-year-old streamer, known for his YouTube videos. Over the past 30 days, it has broadcast for 71.9 hours for a total of 116 million views. Thanks to these direct, this Spanish content creator has managed to attract more than 300,000 followers for his Twitch channel.
It has a channel on Twitch with 7.9 million followers with which it is positioned in the sixth global position of channels with the most followers. The channel was opened in 2018 and has been broadcasting live broadcasts related to gaming and just chatting.
The game that has given him the most success has been GTA5 because he participated in a roleplay called Spain RP where he played ” Gustabo “. Also, he has played “ Among us ” a lot with other well-known streamers who are friends of hers.
11.- TUBBO
tubbo is a well-known 17-year-old streamer who has broadcast live for 73.9 hours achieving more than 39 total views. He has 3.1 million followers and in the last month he has managed to capture more than 400,000 followers for his Twitch channel.
This English content creator is known for playing the Minecraft video game, but his true fame came thanks to Tommynnit when he appeared on one of his broadcasts.
He’s been directing for two years and recently joined the Minecraft Dream SMP private server where others on this list are also playing today.
World’s most viewed streamers: LOUD_CORINGA

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Loud_coringa closes this Top 12 of the most viewed streamers in the world. He is a well-known streamer who mainly uploads direct from GTA5 to his Twitch channel.
During the last month it has transmitted 116.5 hours which has allowed it to enter the list. He has 1.5 million followers and in the last 30 days he has amassed 196,000 followers for his channel.
It is also worth noting that one of the best-known Spanish streamers, Ibai , is currently in position 13 on the list of the most viewed streamers in the world. But it has been in the top 10 for many months of the past 2020.
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