To unravel the success of this newsjacking example created by Netflix, the following analysis was performed.

Justin Bieber is a mass idol. Thus, he has a legion of young fans who follow with true devotion everything he does, in addition to his singing career. The idol of thousands of fans was suddenly arrested and it was evident that a lot of young audiences would be commenting on what happened on social networks. Keep in mind that Justin Bieber was born in 1994 and belongs to the millennial generation. The most interesting block of the Netflix audience as well. Millennial generation and Netflix
The characteristic of the millennial generation is that they are digital natives. Just as Generation X had to adapt to new technologies, for Generation Z and millennials it is part of their lives. Netflix saw the opportunity quickly. I knew this generation of the Justin Biever community loves Netflix. It is a platform that is characterized by distributing content and series through the internet. Netflix was the ideal candidate for one of the newsjacking examples that would connect the news with Justin Biever fans. More than anything because they are also consumers of Netflix series and would understand the wink. The idea consisted in presenting in a post the image of Justin with the orange prison uniform and using it as a claim linking it to a Netflix series, “  how to buy a phone number online   Orange is the new black “ . In addition, the singer was invited to move to the women’s prison. The result was immediate.It became viral and, in addition,

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humor served as a common thread and enhancer of this newsjacking. If there was a media couple,  Phone Number List  it was Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Taking advantage of their breakup was one of the book newsjacking examples. Their conflicts and reunions were a media phenomenon that transcended couché magazines. In fact, the break was a media moment and reached peaks of historical trending topics. In this case, it was a brand that had nothing to do with the press of the heart or the world of celebrities that used the news. It was a Norwegian airline. Norwegian Airlanes used the news irreverently to advertise its cheap flights to California. The chosen phrase was: ” Brad is single “. And it was advertised that a one-way trip to Los Angeles at the price of 169 pounds. To humorously use Brad Pitt’s single status as an opportunity and associate it with such a cheap travel price, they fit the bill perfectly. Analyze before running Using the newsjaking technique correctly can give you enormous notoriety and reach on social media. But before performing this technique there must always be a previous monitoring work. You also have to be clear about which lines you should not cross in newsjacking. Have as a premise to use news that does not hurt people’s ethical sensitivity. Therefore, you should run away from religion or politics. They are not advisable because although you will create controversy you can finally lose a part of your followers.

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