To give your viewers a sneak peek of the Super Bowl ad.

Post your ad on YouTube . Do it days before it airs on network television to attract the audience. And get people interested. Launch a parallel campaign on social media . Support the TV ad and track audience response. By doing this, big brands will be able to measure conversions with social engagement. And another important fact is that women make up the majority of online conversions about the Super Bowl ad. Thus, two great conclusions about digital marketing strategies for the Super Bowl have to revolve around creating content specifically for social networks that targets or includes women. 6 digital marketing strategies for the Super Bowl superbowl influencersAmong the digital marketing strategies for the Super Bowl, there is one that can make you succeed: influencer marketing. If you don’t want to spend or don’t have a budget for a millionaire in ads, working with an influencer is a good option . Ideally, you want your campaign to be discussed at this event. To do this, one of the digital marketing strategies for the Super Bowl is to work with an influencer who can help you generate ideas that strengthen your brand,  name of customer using mobile number  increase brand awareness and attract your target audience. And for this, there are several levers that must be pulled 1.- Use more video Most people prefer video to text.

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When done right, video is fast, engaging, and high-value. Current estimates say that video accounts for more than 50 percent of all consumer internet traffic right now. By 2020, it will represent 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic. Phone Number List  Within the context of social media, this platform generates 1,200 percent more shares than text and images combined. In general, it is the chosen medium to consume content. Unfortunately, many marketers miss out on great opportunities to impact their audience by taking the monotonous product placement route. The problem is, unless you get an endorsement of your product from a pop star, reality star, or other super influencer, an image of someone just holding your product, no matter how fancy your packaging is, weird. time move someone to follow you or buy you. Videos speed up the buying process. So check this out as one of your Super Bowl digital marketing strategies to follow. 2.- Make posts on Instagram with style People don’t mind seeing product posts. They prefer them, in fact. Product posts consistently outperform both lifestyle posts and celebrity posts. Sixty-five percent of the top-performing posts on Instagram are about products . But an unstyled image of your product that appears on someone’s Instagram feed is not what they want. The best way to design a powerful, high-impact Instagram marketing campaign is to think about the story you want to tell. That’s why collaborate with the right influencer. To do this, ask yourself these questions:

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