Tips to optimize your Google Ads campaign for Christmas

There are just a few days until December, the month where you have to develop an optimal Google Ads campaign for Christmas. These are dates in which consumers are in search of the best prices to be able to buy gifts for their loved ones.

You have to work your entire Christmas strategy very well to be able to compete within your market niche. But that’s not something you do overnight; it is essential that you plan it in advance. Keep in mind that it is      Sri Lanka Phone Number List   a month with a lot of demand, therefore, the competition is high.

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To be successful in your  Sri Lanka Phone Number List     Google Ads campaign for Christmas, you need to know some factors that can be very useful. It is always good to have a guide to help you structure your strategies so that you can reach your target audience and increase your sales.

9 tips for your Google Ads campaign for Christmas
The time has come for you to know some recommendations that will help you improve your Google Ads campaign for Christmas. It does not matter if you already have the one for this year structured, they can serve you for the next. You may find points that you can still adjust. So pay attention and take note of the following tips:

1.- Plan ahead
Plan your Google Ads campaign for Christmas

One of the most basic keys to special date strategies is planning ahead. You can’t wait for November to start planning. In fact, experts recommend that you start in July, so you have 6 months to work and analyze what works and what you need to improve.

Start by defining the goals you want to achieve with your Christmas campaign and make sure you have a budget to achieve them. You also have to study your competition to offer consumers better prices on those products they are looking for.

Budget planning is also essential. A good idea is to look at the past year’s history and compare it to search trends . So you can have an adequate budget for the days that the key performance indicators had the highest click-through rate or search volume.

In the case of the competition, you can use the SemRush tool , to see which ads show the keywords you plan to use. In this way, you will be able to know the products that your niche audience is interested in.

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2.- Define your audience
It is about defining your audience based on their interests, keywords, URL’s of the content they visit, etc. El objetivo es conocer su afinidad con otras páginas e intereses. También lo puedes hacer mediante la intención de compra, por palabras clave, acontecimientos o personalizada basándote en intención.

It is important that you take remarketing audiences into account in this step . If you locate users who have previously visited your website, you can present them with personalized campaigns. You can segment this audience based on site visitors, YouTube users , apps and customer lists, among others.

3.- Design a promotional Christmas calendar
Christmas programming

There is no better way to structure your planning than with a promotional calendar. This will allow you to better organize your Google Ads campaign for Christmas and establish days or weeks in which you want to advertise your ads. Do not leave out the weekends, since users have more time to do their searches.

But this is not only about marking the days, but that in each one there is already the copies that you are going to place in your ads, together with the URL’s. Having this already, all you have to do is publish or schedule on the indicated day. That is why the first point of prior planning is so important.

Callout and site extensions are also important. You must see if you will keep the same or place links related to these dates. It is recommended to include promotion extensions, to schedule the date, start time and its end directly in Google Ads. And if you think it is necessary, you can add promotional codes.

4.- Work with Google Shopping
If you have active campaigns on Google Shopping , you can take the opportunity to promote those products. Here it is also essential that you establish for how long and which are the most successful past promotions. Remember that on these dates people are in search of the best prices.

The next thing you should do is prepare your website according to the Christmas offers and promotions. Take advantage of Google merchant promotions to highlight offers and add feed attributes to them . This way you can schedule the price changes of the promotions on the different days in advance.

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Also, in your Merchant account you have to set and manage email preferences. In this way, you will receive notifications of what is happening with the products. Don’t forget to review the article suggestion report before launching your Google Ads campaign for Christmas.

5.- Adapt the landing pages
Christmas landing page

Do you have landing pages related to your ads? If so, then you have to adapt them from the keywords to the design. If your Google Ads campaign is Christmas, your landing page should reflect the Christmas spirit in its aesthetics.

But it is also extremely important that your keywords are in accordance with the promotion of the ads. This is what will allow the user to find a landing page according to the queries made through the search engine.

6.- Use automated rules
Take advantage of the benefits of automation in your Google Ads campaign for Christmas. In this case, it is the automated rules with which you can make changes automatically, according to the conditions you choose.

For example, you can set campaign rules by ad groups, keywords or tags, among others. And, in turn, they allow you to use any segment: clicks, impressions, conversions, CTR, status, CPC … you have many options.

The position rule will help you show your ad in the first places if you have relevant keywords. And best of all, you won’t have to check it every day, because it will run automatically.

7.- Optimize your campaign for mobile devices
Responsive design campaigns

Currently, users browse most of the time through their mobile devices . For this reason, it is essential that your pages can be navigated without difficulties from a mobile phone. Keep in mind that the loading time has to be fast, so check that this is true.

Are you going to place forms? In this case it is better to be autocomplete, since this takes less time. Remember that the price of the product is visible and that the shopping cart button is wide enough to mark it without problems.

Everything you show, from descriptive text, to prices and images, must not only be visible, it must be legible. Keep in mind that the screen of mobile phones is smaller than that of a PC. Navigation through a smartphone should be just as comfortable, you just have to apply a responsive design .

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You also have the option of designing two campaigns: one that is exclusively for mobiles and then duplicate it for computers. In this way, you can check which one generates more traffic and higher conversions.

8.- Focus on Christmas
It may seem obvious, but it is worth remembering: your ads and everything associated with them have to scream “Christmas”. As you already know, your keywords, copies and extensions should reflect this holiday. But also display banners and landing pages have to convey that Christmas spirit.

Of course, do not stay with the basics, put all your creativity to work and give it a unique and characteristic touch without losing the main objective. Use the maximum characters in your ads to take up more screen space and have greater visibility.
Prompt messages for last-minute buyers cannot be left out. What you have to do is offer something beyond the products, such as a gift wrapped and with immediate shipping. All these techniques improve quality and positively influence performance and conversion rate.
9.- Use dynamic ads
Create dynamic ads
They are ideal for helping you find potential customers who are searching on Google for exactly what you are offering. If you have very well developed websites, or have very large inventories, dynamic ads are for you . This is because the ad segmentation is carried out through the sites.

Google takes care of selecting the most frequent titles and phrases for your website, and displays the exact destination URL with the user’s search. There are three targeting options you can choose from: all web pages, specific pages, or page feed.
As you can see, it is not difficult to optimize your Google Ads campaign for Christmas. You just have to follow these recommendations and, if you have already applied some, use only those that you need.
But if you need extra help, at Antevenio we create SEM performance strategies that will allow you to attract more customers to expand your network with Google Ads campaigns. Do the test!

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